Shirodhara – An Ayurvedic Treatment and Wellness Experience by DR PREM JAGYASI

I was in Goa at Anvi Ayurvedic School experiencing Shirodhara-An Ayurvedic Treatment and Wellness Experience but before that Dr Renuka Yadav who was on a mission to spread the knowledge and awareness of Ayurveda gave me a great dose of energy healing which is a traditional healing system that restores the balance of the flow of energy and soon after she gave me a perfect dose of Shirodhara.

‘Shiro’ means head and ‘Dhara’ meaning the flow of oil. Personally, I see it as a great way of passive meditation where you are not putting in any effort but slowly sinking into a state of ‘trance’. It is just like a wellness therapy or spa treatment done in a single sitting. We apply Sirodhara to treat any type of ‘Vaata Vikar’ or ‘Shirashool’ where there is absolutely Vaata but no upasthambha or blockage. 

Shirodhara is also effective for people going through day-to-day stress. I have also applied this in rehabilitation programs for deaddiction from alcohol and substance abuse. In Ayurveda texts, drinking alcohol or ‘madyapan’ creates restlessness or ‘unmada’ which can be pacified by Shirodhara.   T

he secret of a healthy life lies in balanced energies, healthy tissues, clean channels, and a peaceful mind. These are the basic ‘Sutras’ or ‘Mantras’. If we compare our body with a machine, we will find our body too undergoes wear and tear like a machine and blockages disrupt the normal life functions.    

Watch the entire video to experience a peaceful and calm Shirodhara treatment and also visit…

where I have joined in a conversation with Dr Renuka Yadav to bring out interesting details of the Panchakarma philosophy and Shirodhara.

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