Identifying and Assessing Wellness Service Provider in Wellness Tourism – Guide by Dr Prem

Identifying and Assessing Wellness Service Provider in Wellness Tourism – A guide by Dr Prem Jagyasi

• Assessing quality of alternative medicine

• Evaluating facilities and services

• Researching about success results and case studies

• The importance of recognition and awards

Unlike conventional medical tourism, where potential medical tourists have all the information they need to make an informed decision, regarding the healthcare destination, the facility, and the healthcare provider, who will be treating the individual, wellness tourism, and alternative therapy is not structured.

Hence A facilitator referring patient to the wellness service provider must evaluate the quality of wellness services at the center, below are key indicators.

Quality indicators: Since alternative therapies are not regulated and monitored, they lack a structure, and hence quality indicators in wellness and alternative therapies are dependent on the structure of the facility, the process that they follow, and the outcome of the treatment.

Evaluating facility and services: One of the biggest decisive factors in the selection phase of a wellness tourism destination and facilities that offer alternative medicine services is the quality and structure of the facility and the services that they offer.

Additionally, you have to go through the website of the facility offering alternative medicine, read the educational qualifications, and experience level of the providers working in the facility.

Success Results and case studies: Try to read past-patient testimonials for the same, and ideally try to personally contact some past-patients for their personal experience. If you manage to get in touch with a past patient, you will have all the information you need to make a well-informed decision. Try to ask as many questions as you can, while focusing on the quality of the facility, the level of hygiene they follow, what modern technological equipment the therapists use, and how well were the facility and the therapists prepared to cater to international patients.

Stay away from such claims and try to approach a facility, which functions in a structured manner, and has qualified therapists who do not promise any instant cures.

• Research material and publications: However, as a wellness seeker, it becomes your responsibility to verify the credibility of the website offering such information and make sure that the website is not associated with any specific facility of a therapist. Try to get as much information from government websites or websites of non-profit organizations, which work with the sole aim of providing verifiable and credible information to wellness seekers all over the world. These websites and online portals help wellness seekers to get access to all the information they need, which includes the destinations famous for a particular type of alternative therapy, verified alternative therapies and the best facilities where such therapies can be availed.

• Recognition and Awards: If a renowned organization certifies and recognizes an alternative medicine facility, it would mean that the facility employs successfully trained therapists, which have all the knowledge and the required experience to perform an alternative medicine therapy.

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