How to Deal with Problems and Tips on Staying Positive in Life by Dr Prem Jagyasi

Learning how to stay positive in life is perhaps the best lesson that life can teach us. When you feel your world is breaking apart, just hold on. The storm will pass over. Happy days are just around the corner. Just remind yourself that This bad phase of your life is transient and will be over soon.

Good and Bad times are like the two sides of a coin. Though Bad times appear to be never-ending, in reality, it’s not. We make it long by focusing on them too much. True bliss lies in sharing a part of your material and intangible possession with others. It is a kind of mental fulfillment which keeps you going through the hard days.

Watch this best motivating tips collected from speeches of Dr Prem Jagyasi to stay positive in life when the world turns upside down.

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