How can you take care of your employee’s emotional health by DR PREM JAGYASI

Given the numerous benefits of taking care of emotional health, it is only wise for you to implement strategies that can help with improving the emotional health of your employees. Some of the measures that you can take at the corporate level to ensure the emotional wellbeing of your employees are:

1) Employee assistant program

This is a specially designed program to help employees deal with their personal and work-related emotional problems. It involves counseling for issues faced by them in their life. This way your employees have access to professional care. This can help them manage stress and cope up with their problems in an efficient manner.

2) Flexible working hours

It has been reportedly found in many surveys and researches that offering flexible working hours to employees is a great way to ensure productivity. They feel more in control of their time which gives them a sense of power and satisfaction. Flexible working hours incorporated with work from home option is something millennials are seeking out. It makes them feel less stressed and can manage their work in a more efficient and productive way.

3) Showing empathy/ recognition

Showing empathy towards employees’ problems and struggles makes them feel valued. At the same time, recognizing them for their contribution will bring in positive feelings and a sense of satisfaction. Both of these are very important for an engagement at work, which in turn improves productivity.

4) Encourage them to take planned vacations

Encourage them to plan holidays with their families and friends. Going on vacations has numerous benefits, both physically and mentally. Vacations can actually rejuvenate a person. Tying up with wellness resorts and spas and providing your employee’s subsidized rates or gift vouchers once in a while can help with healing their emotional scars.

5) Encouraging the practice of mindfulness

Practice activities that improve mindfulness during the working hours

Encourage your employees to practice mindfulness at work. Various activities are said to improve mindfulness. The advantages of practicing mindfulness are numerous. It improves concentration, has a positive effect on memory, improves productivity, and also puts the person in a better position to handle stress. Ask your employees to practice activities that improve mindfulness during the working hours. It gives them a chance to relax and unwind and recharge themselves. Making sure your employees are happy and satisfied at work and in life are the basic qualities of a good employer. So let’s use these 5 strategies to take care of your employee’s emotional health.


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