Viable and Sustainable Marketing Strategies in Medical Tourism & Wellness Tourism by Dr Prem Jagyasi

The recent speech of Dr. Prem Jgayasi in 4th Global Healthcare Travel Forum, Kyiv Ukraine.

80% of experts believe the Covid-19 impact will last till 2022. Will it be wise to hold on to marketing activities for that long? One should not lose sight of the fact that the pandemic has stalled global travel but not the healthcare demand. Medical and wellness tourism is awaiting billion-dollar business that will pick up as travel restrictions get eased worldwide.

Stakeholders in medical and wellness tourism cannot simply do away with marketing but do it sensibly. When market activities remain muted, it is the time to make your presence feel.

I shared 7 strategic suggestions to support the growth of Medical Tourism and delivered a speech on Viable and Sustainable Marketing Strategies during Challenging times.

My heartfelt thanks to Violetta Yanyshevskaya, Igor Torskyy, and the members of UAMT, Global Healthcare Travel Forum (GHTF), and the GHTC team to come up with a great interactive platform to discuss medical and wellness tourism initiatives in challenging times.

Yes, it is a challenging time for all of us but who doesn’t know difficult times create the best chances. Medical and wellness tourism today calls for insightful initiatives and I thank all for creating the momentum to set it back on track. Will share the video link soon.

Special Thanks to Natalia Strokovska and Marta Troshchak for sharing pics.

My Appreciation for Industry Colleagues for Sharing there Experience Emin Çakmak Fawzi Alhammouri Miljenko Bura Lutz Lungwitz Laila Aljassmi Anna Kyrychenko Irina Pierzynska Anna Weegen Usman Isah and Many other Prolific Speakers.

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