Developing Lean Culture

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What is lean culture? How to develop it?

Recently Dr Prem was invited to be a chairman of conference in Bangkok Thailand by Trueventus. Dr Prem Delivered speech on Developing Lean Culture, here are excerpts of speech.

Lean in simple words is – yield more using less resource. Today, resources are scarce and expensive and unplanned resource usage affects the bottom line of the business without generating much value for the customers.

Organizational culture should be oriented from the customers’ view point, how to generate the maximum value for the cost incurred by them. Lean culture focuses in eliminating wastes and increasing efficiency and productivity.

Eliminating waste means cutting down all unproductive actions/functions so that all activities conducted in an organization adds more value and serves the customers’ requirements in a better manner.

Lean culture initiates with Lean Leadership – Shifting from “Me” culture to “We” culture
The process of initiating lean culture starts from the topmost level of the organization which then gradually cascades to the bottom in due course. It is the process of a gradual shifting from “Me” culture to “We” culture where collective contribution of a team matters most than an individual contribution.

It is the culture of integration and alignment. It is the culture of learning together, sharing together, creating solutions together and achieving productivity, profitability and satisfaction together.

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