Tap Into The Power Of Patient Journey Mapping For Enhanced Patient Experience

Patient journey mapping is a technique that can reveal surprising insights into the patient experience and help you to optimize the operating system to create a delightful patient experience.

A patient’s journey in medical tourism involves encounters with many touch points, and each encounter contributes to the entire patient experience. The patient notes every touchpoint experience in their mind (pleasant or annoying) that adds up to the patient’s experience.

A patient’s journey map is the start-to-end itinerary covering the following points:
→ Where to go?
→ How to go?
→ What to do?
→ How to do it?
→ What are the arrangements involved?

Every patient covers a unique journey with your organization. If you can map out the journey clearly, you will know about the various touchpoints that patients encounter. It could be the website, first phone call, email, and different actors involved.

Actors are the front desk executives, sales reps, doctors, facilitators, and caregivers who come in touch with patients and solve their pains.

Once you identify all the touchpoints, you should continuously strive to make things simple and convenient for patients with empathetic communication and prompt actions. Your goal is to provide quality healthcare to patients in a delightful manner.

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Thanks for posting. Great share.

Very interesting! How to map the patient’s journey?

How long do patients usually wait before seeing the healthcare provider?
Are there any communication issues or challenges they face during this phase?

How often should patient journey mapping be updated?

Are there any challenges or pain points they encounter during the scheduling process?

What are the benefits of patient journey mapping for healthcare organizations?

But one thing I did’t understand that how the same process can be implied on people with different ethinicity, region or races. because the reaction of african patients are totally different from european.

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