Social Media is not your life, it’s just the tip of the iceberg – Mental Wellness Guide by DR PREM JAGYASI

Very few people today stay away from social media. Its popularity and impact on the social matrix are undeniable. Along with, the sudden jump of mental disorders among younger adults in recent years has brought to light an obvious question. Is social media the tip of the iceberg? Yes, It is.

Social Media is not your life, it’s just the tip of the iceberg Iceberg has 15 % – 10% visibility on the top above the water but the remaining 80% -85% is beneath the water.  Likewise Curated lives posted on social media just present a slice of it. It shows less but hides many. Our minds instantly get swept away by glossy visuals while the non-viewed things may have lots to tell. Life throws challenges for everybody but all those trying times and hardships are not displayed on social media. What is always projected is the rosy side. This creates a false impression. It always makes you feel, life is so good for everybody while for you it sucks! This comparison drives depression as you are unable to get a view of both sides of life.

Social Media is just for a rosy element. Do not take it as a judgementive decisive thing in your life.

Is it tough to beat social media-induced depression?

No, it is not. Just by reducing social media usage, one can improve his/her mental wellbeing a lot. It is not abstinence but judicious usage that matters. Just look at other aspects of life or explore some hidden avenues, you will be overwhelmed with the new revelations.

  • Find out activities that you love to do. It may be reading, sports, or art and crafts.
  • Plan in-person meets with friends and peers. Enjoy relaxing hours with them.
  • Turn off smartphone notifications for at least a few hours a day.
  • Delete those apps that induce feelings of inadequacy.
  • Take a day or two off from social media.
  • Monitor your kids’ offline interaction. See that they are more into personal interaction than digital ones.
  • Be a role model in restricted social media usage as a parent. Spend quality time with family and kids so they do not miss digital interactions.
  • Enforce phone-free time a couple of hours before sleep. Use a traditional alarm clock instead of the phone.
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