Wellness Resort Consulting Project By Dr Prem Jagyasi at Terma City Resort

The world’s leading medical tourism and wellness tourism consulting expert- Dr. Prem Jagyasi established a new wellness tourism consultancy project in Yalova City at Terma City. This video talks about the inspection tour which is considered the most important thing While starting a consultancy. While Inspection Dr. Prem Jagyasi understands the hotel and the resort tour to learn all the possibilities

Dr. Prem is one of the world’s leading medical tourism and wellness tourism consulting companies. He has worked with many global organizations and corporate companies and private wellness resorts. He has been advising and supporting companies in the Medical and Wellness industry globally for years by creating strategies, building their organizations, and integrating the latest technologies.

We show our clients how they can optimize their business by Integrating Wellness into Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare. We decisively contribute to our client’s business success wherever they may be globally.

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