Mapping Patient Care Touchpoints in Medical Tourism For a Seamless Experience

Patient journey mapping covering multiple touchpoints is a crucial factor in the medical tourism business. Do you know how many touchpoints a patient has to face in the entire journey? If you do not know the route of your patient’s journey, how will you provide the right kind of services? You do not know which areas to focus on which will not help you to grow your business.

Touchpoints are simple points of interaction that start long before the patient comes to you. Touchpoints could be your website, business profile, campaigns, communication, support services, planning, post-treatment follow-ups, and many more things. The patient journey map comprises all of these points.

Each patient takes a unique journey. Therefore, the touchpoints and the nature of encounters may also vary. It is essential to map the touchpoints accurately, considering different experiences at those points. What does a patient feel at a specific touchpoint – great, awesome, or annoying?

Every touchpoint encounter, however insignificant it may seem, impacts the overall patient experience. One weak link in the touchpoints can put off your prospective customer.

Great touchpoint experiences ensure patient acquisition, good word-of-mouth marketing, and unswerving patient loyalty. Touchpoints also vary from destination to destination and the complexity of the medical tourism process.

Touchpoint mapping is not a one-time job; you need to strive to improve your touchpoint experiences through regular checks and tweaks. Let us know your views on touchpoint mapping in medical tourism.
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