Is war tourism for you?

War tourism is definitely going to be a unique form of tourism. It is endowed with historical significance, strategic nuances, military science and of course the shrewd political game and ensuing conflicts that eventually culminates into a carnival of slaughter and destruction.

The sites are interest arousing charged with thrill. There is no dispute in the fact that you may draw in thrill and fun and get a certain level of adrenaline flow provided some measure of risk and danger is linked to your tour destination. War tourism exactly gives you the right kind of feel and thrill, and perhaps you might feel like a reporter sheltering from a spray of bullets or flying splinters from an exploding shell still stuck on the daring mission of supplying battle report from the field itself, live, real and dangerous!

It is exciting enough to make you feel your money on war tourism did not go waste. The battle ground itself is awe inspiring. Countless patriots have laid their lives in a passionate attempt to liberate their native soil from the enemy control. Sometimes they win and sometimes lose .Sometimes they are remembered as martyrs and in a majority of cases they are lost termed ‘missing in action’, but their contribution is nevertheless much more than just priceless, perhaps words cannot describe the equation of their achievement with the sacrifice that goes with it. The results of these enactments and combats have a deep impact providing you a reason good enough to visit a war tourism site.

Though the saying goes that battles are won in the offices of the Generals and Majors with the officers pouring over maps and plans, the picture remains incomplete without the battlefield factor taken into account. The theoretical line of attack designed by combat experts remains unfinished unless properly implemented in the field. This zone is actually the nucleus of rival contest supported by the latest and most lethal weapons and it is a heart of tourist interest.

War tourism is a great way of escape into a destination where the fate of a nation had been drawn along new avenues of hope and freedom earned after the spillage of ample blood and sweat. This is indeed an enormous feat won through a strong urge of patriotism, tactic, hard training and proficiency in the field of open combat, marksmanship and surprise ambushes.

These are critical factors that appeal a war tourism buff drawing him towards the battlefield to explore how the environment looks like where thousands of valiant men have kissed the ground never to rise again. War tourism has much to offer besides the ecstatic kick achieved from the field itself. War tourism is immensely educative. It is a storehouse of knowledge. War tourism sites often have museum installations annexed to the battle ground. An assortment of weapons, helmets and army boots, the message transmission gadgets and a host of different military kits and gears on display will certainly fascinate you.

Not only the physical arms and ammunitions, but the piece of literature tagged onto the combat tools would keep you engrossed and surprise you at the destructive power of the weapons as informed. The range of shots, whether air borne or ground to ground or air to sea and the reverse order is illustrated in the most sophisticated manner and clarity. At times you get a spine chilling feel as if you are watching a deadly snake a foot away ready to strike. You have the jolt of thrill and a justification for the money you spent on war tourism. War tourism has gained a huge popularity and is certainly appealing to engineering and technology inclined tourists.

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