Top Five best desert getaways for offbeat vacation

Top Five best desert getaways for offbeat vacation

The blaze of the setting sun drew the last bit of moisture from the humanity mounted on camel back. The distant sand dunes are silhouetted against the fiery ball of fire hung in the sky as the caravan moved past with the store of drinking water carefully preserved in casks for trying hot days and icy nights that lay ahead. The scene typically describes an arid setting. An attempt has been made here to list out 5 top desert getaways which fascinates the tourist.


(1)Death Valley in North America:


Situated in the eastern part of California, Death Valley is basically a desert valley located in the heart of the Mojave Desert. The valley hits the record of being the most arid and lowest area in North America. The summer scorchers hit as high as 57 degree Celsius, which makes it the hottest place on earth courtesy the famous furnace creek. Death Valley Reserve Park is amazing; the valley is surrounded by wonderful mountains enclosing a flat surface. Home to the Timbisha tribe of Native Americans, this valley contains colored clay made into red ochre paint. It has historical connections associated with the gold rush way back in 1849 and was a gold and silver mining field that lured prospectors. It has a typical rugged desert look largely appealing to the tourists having an inclination towards desert getaways. Landscapes and vibes portrayed in western cowboy movies make this desert getaway very attractive. Good luxury resorts are in existence.


(2) The Atacama Desert, Chile:

Atacama Desert is located along north south fringes of Chile. It is a splendid desert getaway highly tempting to the tourists. You can choose your stay in Explora Hotel de Larache which is a craggy 50 room hotel overlooking a panoramic view of Atacama Desert and adjacent volcanic mountains. Surprise awaits you as you move on and hit the hotel’s stable housing over 20 thorough bred horses. You can select your animal and mount, assured that the horses are expressly trained to move along local terrain. After sundown, darkness hangs overhead. High on South American wine you find that you are staring at one of the clearest skies ever. The hotel has its own state of the art meteorological observatory.


(3)The Fort (Namibia):

Here, you find a mixed excitement with the jagged desert country on one side and South African wild life comprising of lions, elephants and leopards on the other. Over 84000 of classified acres of Namibian wild rules and the Fort in Namibia’s Ongumg private game reserve pampers you to explore every square inch of the environment on offer. You may go around stalking wild life in morning game drives followed by sunset and night game drives. You have hearty meals in between and get enthralled by entrancing arid plains and the desert cacti dotting around you. The sprawling compound is a mix of Indian and Moroccan school of architecture consisting of 12 lavish suites complete with indoor and outdoor showers. The Fort in Namibia would be an incredible desert getaway experience.


(4) Al Wadi:

An hour’s trip towards North West off Dubai there is a great dessert getaway and a luxurious hotel named Banyan Tree Al Wadi. The enchanting Arabian dessert with sand dunes and oasis enchants you in one hand and so does Al Wadi on the other. It offers great spa bath facilities, camel rides and swims in hotel’s private pools. It features state of the art falconry coaching centre in the entire Middle East to whet your dexterity in falconry. Here, you have the right blend of fun and Bedouin inspired adventure.


(5) Longitude 131 Australia:


The seat of aboriginal culture, the central Australian desert with its legendary Ayres rock, the pack of dingoes and the weird wild life species conjure up an exotic appeal. Amid all these ‘too good to be true’ features stands Longitude 131, a cozy luxury resort answering the needs of a tourist. Full of zest and learning, you go exploring the local flora and fauna with the help of an experienced guide, spend romantic dessert nights in eco friendly tents and have a three course Aussie meal paired with the finest of wines staring up at the starlit sky. A unique desert exposure is guaranteed.

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