Revel in these picturesque villages of Britain

Britain is known more for its picturesque countryside locations. The authentic British lifestyle still thrives in numerous villages doted across the country. They may be small, but these villages make up for that with their astounding beauty and equally wonderful locals who would be more than willing to welcome you with their generous hospitality and trademark British food. If you are on the lookout for such a place, then here are 7 of the most beautiful villages you cannot absolutely miss on out on while visiting Britain.

Clovelly in Devon

Alone on Dartmoor

You will be astonished as to how laidback this beautiful village is in terms of civilization. Situated on a steep hill, the village is filled with charming whitewashed cottages complete with vibrant geraniums and fuchsias, lining the narrow cobblestoned streets that lead down to an ancient harbor. The streets are pretty steep. So cars are banned. The best mode of transportation would be on foot or carriages.

Hobham in Surrey


Hobham National Nature Reserve and consists of miles of beautiful green lowlands which provide the perfect setting for a picture perfect historic village. The village is located close to the Woking Station and is close to London Waterloo. Step into Hobham and you will be transported a few centuries back instantly.

Abbotsbury in Dorset


Considered as one of the most naturally beautiful villages in all of Britain, Abbotsbury in Dorset contains an amazing flora and fauna mix that would spellbind you for sure. Quaint stone cottages and thatched roofs complete the age old look of this historic town that is also home to plenty of natural wonders like the Fleet, a lagoon that stretches for over 8 miles and is home to several rare seabirds, and the Subtropical Gardens, a 20 acre garden which is home to exotic plants . However, the highlight of visiting Abbotsbury is the chance to walk among thousands of nesting, breeding and hatching swans. So don’t miss this one for sure.

Lalock in Wiltshire

Narrowboats entering a lock

You may have probably seen quite a few views of this village in a very popular movie. Considered as a very popular filming location thanks to its stunning natural green visuals, and has been featured in more than one of the Harry Potter Movies. The entire village has been preserved by the National Trust in order to maintain its natural beauty and character.

Castle Combe in Wiltshire

Idyllic Cotswold cottages in picturesque Castle Combe

While visiting Wiltshire, make it a point to visit another one of Britain’s most beautiful villages, Castle Combe. Surrounded by dense woodlands in the Cotswolds valley, Castle Combe is as authentic as they can get. It dates back several hundred years and offers you the chance to enjoy some peace and quiet with your loved ones, devoid of any interruptions from the modern world. Don’t miss the 15th century clock tower that used to ring for hours on end.

Clare in Suffolk

High Street in Lavenham. Suffolk. England

Clare in Suffolk is the perfect excuse for you to let go of all the pleasures of the modern world and travel back in time to live life the way the British used to in those day. You will be overwhelmed by the number of sights that impress you here, from the motte of a medieval castle and the stunning Augustinian abbey to the historic ‘Ancient House’ museum in Church Street. Although a bit crowded during the tourist season, the village never fails to surprise you with the way it remains disconnected with these monetary benefits of the tourist trade.

Bourton –on-the-Water in Gloucestershire

View of idyllic English Cotswold village of Snowshill

The entire village of Bourton-on-the-Water as the name implies, seems to be standing on water, courtesy the shallow Windrush River that runs through the entire village. The entire setting resembles a picture you would find in a postcard, complete with small arched footbridges for crossing and quaint little yellow sandstone houses that stand above the water, adding more vibrancy to the surroundings.


Visiting Britain this year? Then take the time to visit the villages mentioned in this list. You will be so awe struck by their beauty that you will never want to return to civilization again.

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