Growing trends of rural tourism

There are a few better ways than to break into a refreshing countryside getaway to escape the harsh grinding and relentless bustle of an overcrowded city life. The concrete jungle, the accompanying gadgets and gimmicks, the overgrowing traffic and last but not the least the mindless rat race just to survive through a day has bred the necessity of looking for a greener pasture in order to unwind the tired and exhausted mind within a reasonable cost. Yes, rural tourism provides an answer to the issue. Rural areas with its amazing biodiversity offer pockets of exquisite greenery amid countryside where the urban tourists breathe in fresh air charged with perpetual bliss and more importantly it is health friendly so far our tired minds and physique are concerned. The urge to unwind and relieve stress cannot be overlooked, and therefore rural areas are the ideal rejuvenating places for those who have “long been in city pent”.



Growing trends of rural tourism – Result of global economic turbulence:


The prevailing global economic turbulence with severe financial insecurity gripping everybody’s mind and the rising fuel prices have forced the die hard travelers to look for cheaper options of holidaying whether it is spending a weekend or a vacation. People are opting for countryside vacations in order to spend a few days amidst the natural serenity. Government is also coming up with schemes to arrange for super modern accommodations equipped with top grade facilities suitable for everybody’s pocket diverting an appreciable number of tourists towards rural tourism.



Rural tourism enhances the livelihood of farmers:


Farmers are also offered loans for the betterment of infrastructure so as to attract more tourists towards rural tourism. Many farmers have converted their age old barns into luxurious cottages and resorts. Farm owners are also creating specially decorated home stays within their residential premises giving a perfect feeling of homeliness to the hosts. Displaying the local handicrafts or special food items to the tourists also provides a handsome income.



Encourages organic farming:


Health conscious city dwellers are now looking for organic products; therefore organic farming forms an integral part of rural tourism. Spending few days in a state-of-the-art farmhouse surrounded by plush green organic farms is the best way to relax a tiring soul and body. Hosts enjoy the unique taste of farm fresh fruits and vegetables devoid of harmful pesticides.



Boosting economy through rural tourism:


Rural tourism provides one of the feasible means to boost a country’s economy, and all the developing and developed nations are paying due attention to this. With higher inflow of tourists in the country sides, many infrastructure development projects have been undertaken which has led to considerable employment generation. Ancillary industries are also coming up along with the growth of rural tourism boosting the cottage industries as well.

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