Crayfish Party in Stockholm, Sweden, 2013

When: 29th August 2013

Where: Stockholm, Sweden

In the season of fairs and festivals, when your aspirations are elevated to dig on some great indulgence, we have crayfish party for you. The crayfish party is organised in the month of August in Stockholm, Sweden. With the upcoming of Swedish summer, the warm clear nights of August is bringing you the Mediterranean character. A season of celebration and a fiesta for feasts and foods, Sweden can surely take you on the seventh cloud. The crayfish party is quite popular and is celebrated with vigor and zeal. It is the time of the year when Sweden is engaged into this one if its kind festival. It is a Funtime celebration of drinks and foods in Nordic countries

  • The history of crayfish is associated from decades when crayfish was first eaten in the 16th century. For a long while, only the aristocracy partook of these delicacies, as popular suspicion of shellfish widespread. As it tends towards 19th century, more intake of crayfish increased by the folks of the nation and was eaten in adequate amount. It was 20th century which marked its standards on a great platform, that it is widely celebrated food festival where indulgence of people in this delicacy speaks beyond boundaries.
  • The extravagance of this food fiesta crosses nation, as the vitality and cravings of people are phenomenal about the same. The celebration is closely related to crayfish harvesting in the summer time, and gives people a reason to dive deep in this amazing ride of flavours and varieties.
  • The traditional way of eating crayfish is outdoors, which is wierd and somewhere sounds authentic. The colourful paper lanterns are hung around the table and to the top, which marks the inculcation of people in the delicious food. The lanterns too are versatile, the full moon smiley being the common among all.
  • The colourful plates to dine in and the tablecloth must also be of paper, according to the traditions. The ethnic touch and eating crayfish with your favourite glass of wine engages you in a divine aura.
  • The party accessories are also customized to relate with the atmosphere. The colourful comical party hats, party tablecloths, out shining party lanterns and bibs altogether gives a vibrance in the surroundings. To enrich with the best fun and frolics, blissful evening with family and friends, the crayfish party is unbeatable.
  • On grounds of other cultural beliefs, it is mandate to suck the juice out before shelling the crayfish. To garnish your table with more, Akavits and other kinds of snacks are also served. What can beat a chilled beer with all the surprises?

So when you know the destination, you just need to be right here on 29th August to challenge your desires deeply. An evening with music and jubilation, this one day event is great to energize you with a culturally rich celebration. All the food lovers, time to indulge in the root recipes of Sweden with the crayfish party.

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