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Countries blessed with extremes of natural features and challenging landforms have realized their worth. They could easily see the enormous appeal their country has on the tourists out for a hunt to explore the death defying challenges offered. No sooner the realization struck and the huge potential in extreme destinations assessed, efforts for marketing extreme tourism had been on the rise.

Some of the countries on an all out promotional campaign to make them extremely popular to the daring lot are as follows:


By its very location with a vast east west stretch of hostile landmass, Russia is an excellent ground for extreme tourism. Promotional tools have been utilized heavily to capture the media. It is an excellent platform for propagating challenging voyages and dangerous dares. Television, magazines and the internet websites have been relied upon heavily. The sole object is to lure more and more tourists and offer them the most challenging of the dares presented in a world class quality travel package. Sometimes the extreme tour equipments and gears have been inspired with logos of Russian role model adventure enthusiasts. There is an all out support from the government and the ministry of tourism to encourage extreme tourists from outside and from within the country as well. World class accommodation and infrastructure have been set up answering the needs of an interested tourist.


This wonderful paradise on earth is nestled in the lofty Himalayan range and is a tourist’s temptation. Nepal is a gateway to scaling some of the world’s legendary mountain peaks. The exploration poses dangerous mountaineering trips, and sometimes the crew gets lost under deadly avalanches and snow blizzards. Visits to Manas Sarovar and scaling Mt Everest and Mt Kanchenjunga are perhaps the biggest challenges. Your chance of survival hangs on a thread. But this small country is tourist friendly trying its best to cooperate with the outsiders. Promotion of extreme tourism is a top priority both for the government and common people. Extreme tourism is practically the bread earner for the locals. They strive hard to put their country at the top in the global map of adventure tourism. The all year round excellent climate smiles upon the tourist. The same friendly smile is reflected by the poor locals through warm gestures of hospitality and amity towards the foreign adventure aficionados! The Nepali media is also ensuring that the country becomes well known to the world as a prime destination for extreme tourism.


In the Dankil desert in Ethiopia, the tourist surely meets the perfect definition of hell on earth. The Ethiopian government is showcasing this nightmare to the extreme tourists. The money flowing in could mitigate poverty and hunger of the miserable local population. The place is a weird mix of fuming pungent sulfur lakes, salt flats, barren hostile plains and dormant volcanoes. The place is extremely hot and inhospitable. Addis Ababa, the capital organizes a two week trip to this creepy destination at a fee of £3000. Media is employed vigorously to spread the notoriously tempting reputation of this place among extreme adventure enthusiasts.


The rugged Aussie landscape and the wild out backs have been a perfect ground for the daring enthusiast to indulge in extreme tourism. The continent down under is keen on exploiting its resources and weird land features to draw a large volume of tourists interested in dangerous adventures. Particularly the continent has an ample scope for the tourists enthusiastic about dangerous sports like bungee jumping, sky diving, high sea surfing and rock climbing. High tech cities like Melbourne and Victoria had been marketing these perilous ventures quite aggressively to the tourist customers. State of the art facilities and an efficient support platform backs up the promotional drive. Electronic media is intelligently and extensively employed. The network of infrastructural support is modeled on the latest technical developments and the standard of tourist accommodation and the quality of food and beverage is top grade. The strive to improve this tourist support system is a continuous endeavor. The tourists are held enchanted with the trill and danger of extreme venture in one hand and the luxurious staying facilities on the other.

(E) New Zealand:

The wonderful island below the Australian landmass is literally dotted with mountains presenting a stunning landscape. The country offers an opportunity for bungee jumping, mountain climbing and skydiving. It is here where this daring sport of bungee jumping had been originated. It was wildly popular among the ethnic Maoris, and the danger of getting killed always lurked behind this sporting practice pumping enough doses of euphoria and adrenaline! New Zealand too has hottest amenities and high tech support system to draw a multitude of wild adventure buffs. Latest outfits and gears approved on international safety standards are available to the tourist to have the hair rising thrill and at the same time mitigating chances of accidents.


This country with a stunning landscape, incredible Fiords and dangerous cliffs provides an ideal destination to try out some extreme daring activities. The temptation is potent enough, and adventure freaks have been strongly lured to scale the precipices and eventually take a wind aided dive! The insanely menacing roads meander with sharp corners and snake through an enchanting and yet a dodgy backdrop! It is a high voltage action ground for excitement. Voss, a location in Norway is marked for being a huge hit with the adventure tourists loving to be on the verge of extreme peril.The kick of adrenaline is guaranteed. Tourism promoting drive is virtually felt in the air.High benchmark is set in promoting and making a specific destination a trademark of extreme adventure.Lucid targets are set on a global scale by highlighting the distinctive features of the place. Voss’ matchless individuality has been a blazing auratoday in the field of extreme tourism. Needless to say, it is a fruit of sincere marketing efforts.Even the unique outdoor type character of the local residents of Voss is vigorously marketed. Their love for wild adventure. which moves to the brink of craziness has been phenomenal. It is a powerful element of appeal for the adventure buffs.Norway’s focus in promoting extreme tourism had paid rich dividends. It has in fact strengthened the nation’s tourism industry.

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