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Scarves–5 top ways to wear them like your fave celeb

Put On Your Scarves In Favorite Celeb Style

It is officially a time when colors of leaves changes to brilliant colors like orange and air has brick bite. Most importantly, there is a shift in your wardrobe from transitional outfits to complete autumnal ensembles. When preparing yourself and your wardrobe for cold-weather outfit, it is very imperative to get through different ways of wearing scarves in favorite celebrity style. If you are savvy enough for blissful styling, then wearing a scarf in different ways can add to your dressing style. You must have scoured malls and picked out most elegant scarf that is most ideal color for your skin in winter.


Sarah Jessica Parker’s Elite Collection of Stoles and Scarves

Sarah Jessica is known for her casual dresses that are not only elegant but also down-to-earth. Featured wacky accessories of actress is dominant piece of her attires that distinguishes her most sought-after casual styles. The ways she opted to highlight her looks are hoodies of varied lengths, junk jewelry, boots of unique colors and fashionable accessories like stoles or scarves featuring different color schemes and colors. The actress put up scarves in most innovative manner to grab the attention of followers.

Five Ways Of Wearing Scarf In Celeb Style

  • The No-tie style: If you do not know how to wear scarf, then this styling is easiest one. All you need to do is just drape around your viola and collar.  If you are wearing a necklace, this is the right way to fragment mono-chromoatic attire with long patterns of color.
  • Simple Knot: It is very easy to tie this knot if you have no idea about it. You can just drape your scarf around neck and put up a basic knot similar to very first step of tying bow. This knot hits above bra cups and you can re-arrange tails a bit to make your scarf fall one on the other smartly hiding simplicity of knot. To add up to your yoga pants and t-shirt, you can ensemble it with v-neck tee.


  • Backwards Drape Tie:  For this, all you need to do is to wrap scarf rearwards around you collar simply to flush center against throat and tails trip over your back. Tie up the tail tumbling over the edge of right shoulder and over left shoulder to make it fall over left side.
  • Backwards Wrap together with Knot Tie: After tying scarf as mentioned in previous step, you can approach to second look and then, close the buttons of your blazer with tails hanging over the hem if your scarf is long.
  • Button Hole Tie: Divide your scarf and make it half to fold it and wrap it around the neck such that both the tails are hanging over one shoulder. Tie a knot in the center and open the folds to make buttonhole.



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