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Red carpet makeup has the potential of being terrible for real life scenarios

Celebrities are the ones whom we common people look up the most when it comes to beauty and fashion. Any new fashion or a trend that comes, they are the ones who are the trendsetters. In fact, you would see ample beauty sites on web and all the fashion magazines touting ways and tips on how to become as gorgeous and attractive like celebrities.

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The Red Carpet is a big event that many people look up to in order to notice the fashion statements flaunted by their favorite celebs. Be it an extraordinary dressing style, those magnificent heels, that cure hair cut, or the glowing and lustrous skin, everything looks just great on red carpet celebrities. However, when we common people try the same makeup the things turn out to be way different and disheartening.

Many people, especially women follow the fashion and makeup tips from celebrities. Many of them fall for the glamorous looks that celebrities wear onscreen and on red carpet, and they try those same looks on them but to dismay. With the same beauty products and the same amount of efforts, they never manage to look as gorgeous as the celebrities do. Based on this, now it is believed that the red carpet makeup looks horrible in real life. A very famous makeup artist, Nick Barose backs up this belief.

In an interview, Nick said there are two types of makeup, the one that we do for a photo shoot, and another that people use every day in real life. You can say there are a red carpet makeup and a real life makeup. The types are very different from each other but some people do not understand this fact, they apply a red carpet makeup in their real life, and end up looking bad. They fail to understand that the celebrity whose makeup and the glamorous look they are trying to follow do not look that beautiful in real life. It is the lights that make them look so pretty and gorgeous.

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Nick further explained makeup that celebrities put on works with light. The makeup artists who do the makeup of celebrities know that whatever contouring or highlighting they do, its impact they can enhance or lower down with the help of lights. In a photo shoot, the lights are controlled and all the celebs are made to look gorgeous. On the other hand is the real life, wherein there is no such measure to control lights, as the lights differ from one point to the other during the day. Now imagine yourself with all the contouring and that white concealer under your eyes at a place where the lighting is not suitable for this type of makeup. You would certainly look horrible. It would be like someone wearing stilettos on a beach and people making fun of her.

Women should understand the basics of makeup and they must know what makeup looks best in real life. Too much of contour looks bad in real life, as it casts a shadow under your eyes. If you apply too much of concealer also, it looks too bright and not good. You can use good deal of makeup when at weddings, or if you are in the hotel industry where there is good lighting all the time, and it is a condition there to look good. Otherwise, in real life try to refrain from too much of makeup or the red carpet makeup and keep it simple.


Wear makeup in real life only if you have exposure to good lighting. Do not try to copy red carpet in real life because it looks bad owing to the insufficient lighting conditions.

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