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Tips to turn on your girl and have her make the sexiest moves

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A book written by journalist Daniel Bergner named ‘What Do Women Want? Adventures in the Science of Female Desire’ has recently thrown light into the abyss of female desire and challenged some longstanding myths. Not just Bergner but also many sexologists believe that women have as strong urges for sex as men and they crave variety in their sex life.

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It is the social nurturing and not the deep lying carnal desires that dominate the way women and men behave with each other. Women are still afraid to be thought of aggressive and even desperate for initiating or demanding sex. That’s why they have to hide their sexual desires in a shell. To have the best sex with your lady love you must provoke and seduce her to bring out the she-wolf out of her closet.

What do women think of sex?

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Probably every man on planet earth wants to know what secret sexual thoughts a woman nourishes in her bosom. Well, just like men women too check out the members of opposite sex they find to be attractive. She may never admit it but women also visualize sleeping with any man they like and even fantasize about it.

When a man proposes a woman or asks her out on a date she may seem to be all coy and nervous but inside she will be imagining going to bed with him. If the imagination appeals to her only then she will agree to proceed with the plan.

Men should understand and respect women as they are. Having desires or fantasizing does not make any woman available for abuse. If men too start respecting women as their counterparts then sexual relationships will become more gratifying and sensual.

What makes her crave sex?

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There are many factors that can drive women crazy and make her crave sex with you. A woman finds men with wide shoulders, narrow waist and hip physically attractive. Lean and able muscles also make her lustful. Women look for men who are physically strong, athletic and agile.

This fact is scientifically supported because fit and athletic men are virile and they can offer good genes to the babies. So, if you are trying to attract a girl you have to be physically fitter. Women are also turned on by masculine musky odors. How a man smells can either turn a woman on or make her run for her life. So, be particular about your hygiene and personal grooming.

Men with a good sense of humor and intelligence also make a woman proud of her choice and desire more sex. Try to make her laugh every now and then and feel relaxed. Being over-possessive, dominating, boorish or stiff necked will not help your case.

Women like to have sex at a time when they are not stressed by thoughts of chores or in a hurry. They like being emotionally and physically connected with their partners. Evening, early mornings or late noon, seduce her whenever you find her to be relaxed and in a good mood.

How can you get her to become wild?


Make her feel genuinely pampered and cared for. Give her a foot massage and also surprise her with a new pair of shoes for example. You can also relax her tensed muscles by offering a back rub and take shower with her.

Play her favorite music and cook a special meal. Show her your altruistic side and let her know when you are doing something nice for a family member. This makes her like you more and she will try harder to keep you in her life.

Women are as wild regarding sex as men are. They just need to feel intellectually and emotionally stimulated to show you their wilder side and seduce you.

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