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Tips for maintaining hygiene for safe and exciting anal sex sessions

There is a lot of misconception regarding anal sex yet it s a perfectly enjoyable mode of sex that consenting adults can partake in. anal sex is not necessarily dirty or disgusting. It is as safe as vaginal sex and very intimate.

So, if you and your partner are considering anal sex for the first time in life the misconceptions have to go and you have to do a reality check. Nothing beats preparation and in this case also you have to prepare yourself before indulging in anal sex. Many couples utilize sex toys or fingers just to stimulate the anus opening for better sexual satisfaction. The following tips apply for them as well.

Cleaning and preparing for anal stimulation

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If there is a hidden gem of an erogenous zone located in your body it is most probably the external anal sphincter. Even without penetration you can stimulate this zone with the help of finger insertion or sex toys. But, before you indulge in that sort of foreplay, prepare this part of your body by cleaning it.

Proper bowel movement is necessary for enjoying anal sex. If your bowel is clean then there are less chances of embarrassment or uneasiness. Use warm water and soap for cleaning the external anal sphincter. Baby wipes are also handy solution for quick cleaning. This area is sensitive and more or less covered with body hair. You may choose to wax or trim the hair around the anus. In case you do not trim, shave or wax you have to use more lubricants for making it easy to penetrate.

Separate the zones

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When you are playing with the anus and offering stimulation in that zone make sure that you do not touch or probe the vagina with the same hand. Use gloves if necessary and segregate the zones. The ecosystem prevalent in the vagina and the anus are totally different. Mixing them is not a good idea.

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Conserve the ecosystem of each zone by stimulating them in turns. It is necessary to use warm water and soap for cleaning your hands after anal play. You may also use latex gloves for this purpose. In that case removing the gloves is all that you need to do for cleaning up.

Rinse deep for mental peace

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As cleanliness and hygiene are often the prime concerns of first time anal sex doers rinsing is a safe bet. Deep rinsing cleans the anal and prepares it for the act but it is not mandatory. If you do it using a hose or hand held shower head make sure to clean it afterwards.

Bulb enema with warm water is a simple solution for internal anal cleaning. Do not use harsh substances like vinegar or other often advertised products. The poop only stains the rectum and not stored in it. Do not worry that your man will meet a poop while penetrating unless you need to use the loo all of a sudden.

For using the small bulb enema you need to fill it up with warm water and insert it into the anus. Release water while it is inside and clean the rectum as much as you can.

Lubrication is a must


Use water based lube for anal sex always. Without lubricants the penetration may seem too rough for you. Also spread a towel on the bed or ground where you prefer to have sex. This way both of you will not be afraid of dirtying the place. Tell him to be slow and not too harsh on your buttocks as this is the very first time.

Cleaning and maintaining hygiene should be part of anal sex sessions. You have to clean the external anus regularly but if you are worried then also opt for internal rinsing.

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