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Steamy tips for having hot shower sex

There is a strange intimacy about shower sex that helps it make way into the sexual fantasy wish list of thousands of women. Showering is a very intimate part of our daily routine for feeling alive and fresh. Good sex releases dopamine in our body and it too makes us feel happy, relaxed and refreshed.

Having sex in the shower is a highly enjoyable experience but for doing it right you need to know some tricks. In the following you will find all the tips that can make shower sex really steamy.

It’s about intimacy and enjoyment: start slow

Loving affectionate nude young heterosexual couple in affectionate sensual kiss after taking shower. Mid adult Caucasian men in late 30s and young Latina woman in early 20s

The thing that makes shower sex so coveted is the playfulness it brings. Keep your favorite shower gel handy for sponging him. He will do the same for you in turns and you both can shampoo each others mane. Scalp massage during shampooing, kissing and having fun in the shower are things that will set the stage for deep romance. When in shower getting comfortable and relaxing is necessary for making it works for both of you.

Find a support

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Depending on what your bathroom’s shower zone is like, you have to arrange a few props for support during sex. A shower bench and non skid mat are good quality safety measures that will keep you from falling or hurting yourself. A sturdy rod on the wall will also help if you want him to take you from behind. Having something to support your body weight will help you and your partner in concentrate on sex more than balancing. Once you focus only on pleasure, reaching the big ‘O’ will not be an issue.

Offer her some water play

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If you want her to enjoy shower sex as much as you do then make apt use of the water. Water may not be a lubricant but it does make your touches more poignant. Showering together makes it easy to access all her erogenous parts. Suck water from her nipples, thighs, back, neck and naval to make her more aroused. Try a silicon based lubricant for making penetration easier and more pleasant.

Live A Great Life

Take some sex toys on board

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Waterproof sex toys are all the rage these days. Get yourself some for making shower sex even more exciting. Ask your partner to use the sex toy on your private parts while you wash off the shampoo or conditioners. For example he can give you oral stimulation with a vibrator ring for clitoral stimulation and you can massage his shaft in turns.

Keep caution

Opening Condom

Condoms are not reliable mode of contraception for shower sex. It degenerates when in contact with the water streams and can slip off. Sometimes the condom also breaks during shower sex, putting the partners in risk of contracting venereal diseases. So, have sex with a partner whom you know very well or only if both have been tested negative for STDs. You better have a second mode of contraception for avoiding unwanted pregnancy.

Best sex positions for shower sex

Loving affectionate young heterosexual couple in affectionate sensual kiss after taking shower. Mid adult Caucasian men in late 30s and young Caucasian redhead woman in early 20s

Superman is a favorite shower sex position that you must try. Hug your man close by putting your arms around his neck and ask him to hold your legs up and have a firm grip of your butt while penetrating. If you are having the action in a tub then ask him to sit with his legs slightly bent. You have to sit on his lap and face away from him. This gives you better control over the actions and you can increase the tempo according to your desire. Doggy style is also a very enjoyable sex position that you can try in the shower.

Shower sex is one of the most fantasized scenarios. For having shower sex you will need some supports at the bathing zone. The floor should also have traction. Try various sexual poses to find the one that suits you both the most.

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