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Sex related questions that every Woman wants to ask but couldn’t

Sex is enjoyed by both men and women equally but there are still several sex related questions that the women are afraid to ask or they don’t feel much comfortable asking. Here we will discuss few of them which are most commonly asked by the woman. Questions related to sex are myriad, ranging from different age groups to different kind of problems. But they are very reluctant to ask them as they feel ashamed. So, here are some the frequently asked questions.

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1. My boyfriend often asks for oral sex, but I don’t like it very much. Since we are in relationship and I love him a lot, I can’t refuse him anymore. What should I do?

Ans. Well, sex should be mutually satisfying the way both of you can enjoy it. Your boyfriend should understand you and your requirements and once you like oral sex, you can start doing it. But he should not force you because that way it won’t be a pleasant experience.


2. After giving birth to our first child, I have lost interest in sex. My husband says that I don’t love him anymore, which is not right. What should I do to solve this problem?

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Ans. After the birth of children, the father should understand that their family has a new member. Sometime they feel less attended because of the child. But as time goes on, he should realize and the problem will get solved. Try to convince him with this logic and he will understand.

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3. How long can a man live without sex?
Ans. The answer is pretty simple. As long as a woman can. Many people think that without sex their life would become very difficult. This is wrong as one can stay without having sex for a long time.

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4. We have been together for many years, but from few days I kind of feel bored while having sex. I have told him that I need him to pamper me more like kissing me and caressing me. But he is not giving attention. Even after talking it over and again, there are no results .What should we do?

Ans. Your lover finds the change quite uneasy. But as you are positive, we may suggest you doing things in a different way. You can try role playing or foreplay to spice up your sex life. It will also bring more excitement and spark in your relationship.

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