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Sex Addiction: Is it real fixation or just a fake assertion?

We often hear the term ‘sex addiction’. However, before they could actually label it as an addiction, researchers have carried out many studies and debates to find out the substantial evidences and factors. Many psychologists have concluded that a sex addict doesn’t always have a craving for sex. The addiction is related to a risky behaviour mainly due to anxiety, stress or depression. When a doctor starts treating a patient with a history of sex addiction, he tends to handle some of the main issues first.


The Disorder

Sex addiction is a real problem and needs to be handled in the right way. The term that better describes the condition is ‘hypersexual disorder’. This term or sex addiction, both refer to a condition that one tends to have a sexual behaviour, which is extremely dangerous and damaging for their relationships and families. Consequently, apart from ruining their personal lives, people with a problem of sex addiction put their jobs and social lives at stake and are at a risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease like HIV/AIDS.

These addicts do realise all the dangers they expose themselves to, but what is surprising is that they tend to go back to the same behavioural pattern again and again. They are seen going to sex workers, watching porn, exposing themselves, masturbating and doing other sex related things.

They just do not have any control and are not able to stop themselves from doing these things. The brain just thinks about these things and it is difficult for them to distract themselves. This also results in isolation and loneliness which is also painful and shameful for them.

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Is it an Addiction?

Sex addiction is preferably known as hypersexual disorder mainly because no causes have been found yet and no study has revealed the fact that how exactly does the brain work when someone faces the problem.

Some studies reveal that the brain of a sex addict works similarly to patients who have a problem of obsessive compulsive disorder. Some also feel that there can be a connection between unusual levels of serotonin and dopamine which are chemicals of the brain.

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As the main cause of the sex addiction has not been found yet, there is no concrete treatment available too. The popular way used is to tell the patient to challenge the thoughts he has so that he can avoid situations which lead to his risky behaviour. The patients are explained that they can overcome the desire; however, for doing so, they need to think that it is possible.

They are explained nothing will really happen if they do not satisfy their urge to have sex or do some other related activity. Counselling and support groups are really helpful to treat such disorders. Sometimes one tends to be freer with people who face the same problem and then they develop the desire to overcome it. Sometimes medications that are used to treat obsessive compulsive disorders are used to control the addiction.

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