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Is sex addiction immoral?

Many people in our societies think that sex addiction is something immoral. However, this issue can be clarified once they understand the real reasons behind sex addiction. Sex is actually a very powerful experience for human beings that can go to the extremes of either ecstasy or complete despair. Sexual energy is a human being’s force of life that drives them with passion toward their goal of self-realization. It represents the sense of an individual’s self and is a form of creative energy for them. It develops a good understanding of self.


Healthy sexual activity represents a person’s willingness to connect and maintain their well-being. It is a positive way of expressing oneself in order to gain experiences that can enhance life. Intimacy is something that provides mutual pleasure and strengthens the bond between partners. While a sex addict may find his addiction justified on this aspect, it is actually not the case. The kind of activity sex addicts get involved in is highly intense in nature. They always seek novelty in their sexual activities so it could give them the rush they require. Their basic need is to feel powerful and gain control over their emotions.

As sex addicts display emotional numbness, their sexual encounters could be dangerous. They have a fragile ego that only serves their own purposes. Their sexual activity does not take place for mutual pleasure. They are the only ones who take pleasure out of it.

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There is no love or generosity involved in their way of displaying self. In fact, their encounters are capable of completely spoiling their personal and social life. Sex addiction may not only lead to marital discord or career setback, but also to lost productivity and respect. However, even such drastic results are unable to stop the activities of a sex addict.

Sex addiction traps a person in a vicious cycle so there is hardly any escape left. Addicted people remain in their own fantasy world and start losing their touch to reality. It is like the death of their soul that does not let them gain healthy life experiences. However, they do not lose their sense of control but can only utilize it while they experience a high through their desired sexual activities. Sex addiction does not imply that a person is unwilling to exercise self-control. Thus, we may not call it a moral issue where an addict has legitimate addiction. Obviously, their control choices are limited.


Sex addiction cannot be labeled as a moral issue, as an addicted person is caught in the web of a legitimate type of addiction. They are simply unaware of control mechanisms that could bring them to reality.

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