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Sex Addiction Guide

Similar to other addictions in life that crop up as sense of compensation for something that may be lacking, sex addiction is a reaction to things that may be missing from an individual’s life. Sex can often be the substitute when people feel lonely, unloved or unaccepted by others and the situation gets compounded and turns into sex addiction when such people regularly seek sex to escape the feelings of rejection and loneliness.


Sex addiction can differ in severity and scale among people. While some sex addicts may never go beyond the extensive use of pornography, phone sex and compulsive masturbation, others may get involved in activities such as prostitution or even molestation and rape. An addiction to sex is one of the primary reasons why people cheat on each other despite being in loving relationships for many years and is the root cause of infidelity. Recovering from sexual addiction can take time but it is possible through an enhancement of self-esteem and addressing the underlying emotional problems. Even though an addiction to sex is not physically as harmful as substance addiction, it is necessary to reach out to support groups and other professionals who have experience in this field.

How sex addiction makes you suffer

Sex addiction can make a harmful impact on various aspects of your life. While healthy sexual activity is a way to happiness, its addiction can snatch happiness from you. Sex addiction not only has the capability to destroy your personal ...

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How Depression Connects to Sex Addiction in Men

While it is a general thought that depression takes the form of a mental disease in women, there are many men who have been covertly suffering from depression. Our society’s culture and beliefs majorly lead to the suppression of emotions ...

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Simple tips to deal with sex addiction

An individual develops addiction for sex due to various reasons. While some people slowly develop this strong urge due to the excitement they get out of it, others simply find it as a vent-out for their hidden feelings of depression ...

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Is sex addiction actually an intimacy disorder

There have been various kinds of beliefs in all societies about sex addiction, which is actually an intimacy disorder. People are not ready to believe that such type of an addiction is uncontrollable by the involved individual. Women mostly think ...

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What men generally ask about sex addiction

Many men cannot differentiate between regular sexual activity and sex addiction. In order to abstain from becoming sex addicts, men usually ask a variety of questions from professionals who treat such disorders. Here are some of the common queries that ...

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Sexual addiction and its origin

A few research studies suggest that sex addiction originates from a genetic or biochemical component. It is usually thought that a sex addict may have other family members involved in similar kind of addiction or at least some kind of ...

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