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Sex Addiction: How to find good counselor

Are you afraid that you have been terribly addicted to sex recently? Sex is considered a taboo in many countries even today, and people find it difficult to talk about the same openly. Though numbers of schools are nowadays providing sex education, numerous people get addicted to sex – without them knowing it – for different reasons.


Guys in their adolescence tend to be inclined towards the opposite gender and some of them have a tendency to watch pornographic movies on the Internet, try it out by themselves with the help of multiple sex partners, and end up having sexual diseases like HIV and others. Hence, it is obligatory that as soon as you find out that you are suffering from this problem, also known as Sexual Addiction, you consult a good counselor who might help you to overcome this problem. Sexual addiction occurs due to a number of reasons:

  • Probably you are feeling very lonely and want something to keep you occupied.
  • Emotional as well as psychological difficulties.
  • Too much of masturbation.
  • You want to know about things, but are not being told.
  • A disease in itself.

Many sex addicts actually fear admitting that they have a problem. This, in the end, can result in the person losing his job, face emotional problems, break up a marriage, result in bad health or just get affected by sex problems.

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To treat this type of compulsive disorder, numerous support groups are there to treat people with sexual addiction, counseling individuals as well as families, and providing medications so that the person can come out of the problem, and lead a normal and healthy life just like others. These support groups are specially trained so that they can understand the psychology of the person involved and handle the case accordingly.

In order to search for a competent counselor, you need to prepare some questions beforehand, such as:

  • Do you think that I am really a sex addict?
  • Can you counsel me to get me out of this problem?
  • How successful are you in helping out people to overcome this addiction?
  • Do you recommend psychological treatment of medication?
  • Do you want me to attend any of your counseling programs?
  • Do you also analyze the person before going into the details like talking about his childhood, talking about his likes and dislikes, and talking about his obsessions and passions.

If you find that the answers to all your questions are positive, then you can be rest assured that you have visited a good counselor. A good counselor should be honest, monogamous, frank and open minded.

So people who feel that they are not being able to face the world outside because of their fears, need not worry. With a little bit of help, assistance and cooperation, they can lead a normal life and overcome the addiction of sex.

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