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How polygraph helps in mending broken relationship of a sex Addict

Polygraph testing is being used on sex offenders over a long time. Since 1990s, this technique is being used to test those convicted sex offenders who are supervised for their release. It is very important to check whether these offenders are fit to go back to the society or not. Polygraph provides effective help in solving this purpose. In fact, it is mandatory in some US states that polygraph testing of sex offenders is done before their release. Thus, polygraph is believed to be quite successful in keeping a check on the behavior of sex addicts so they may be sent for useful recovery programs and professional counseling.


Apart from this, polygraph is not the ultimate solution to support the recovery of sex addicts. It is extremely important that these addicts realize their problem of sex addiction and become willing to take treatment. Without their willingness, recovery is not possible at all. Many addicts are simply eliminated from their recovery sessions due to their unwillingness. However, a willing addict’s relationships can be repaired if they are dedicated to undergo polygraph testing and professional counseling sessions. Polygraph is a good way to check a person’s fidelity in a relationship.

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Although many addicts feel that they would pass the test even on being guilty, it really does not happen. In fact, polygraph is an effective way for them to come out with a clean slate. They can go in for a complete disclosure through this technique. If they are serious about mending their own relationships, then it is beneficial for them to admit every committed indiscretion.


Polygraph testing only supports them in displaying their clear ideas so their partners may rethink of newer possibilities with them. Polygraph is not intended to go into all their relationship details and to accuse them based on these details.

Polygraph is a great testing procedure that makes an addict come out with a clean slate so his/her recovery may be planned. Based on polygraph test results, a professional counselor may guide a sex addict. During the counseling, they are helped to attain a healthy sex life. Their periodic assessments are done to gauge their progress and the process is continued until the counselor declares them fit for a normal life with their partners. Thus, they can mend their disturbed relations by providing a tangible proof of recovery to their partners.


Polygraph testing is an effective method of admitting one’s sexual addictions and leading oneself on a path to recovery. This can even mend their broken relationships with partners.

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