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When it comes to sex, products that make headlines are often the ones that empower people to enhance their performance in bed. From ginseng and chocolates to animal parts that help to release hormones such as estrogen and testosterone, aphrodisiacs are big news for people who lead sexually active lives. Even though Viagra is not an aphrodisiac, its ability to increase blood circulation to the male sexual organ and improve sexual performance has caused it to become the subject of innumerable news articles.

The latest in contraceptive measures with a renewed focus on enhancing the joys of sex besides serving the mere function of family planning have also become topics of interest and narration. When The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation invited ideas for better condom designs in 2013, nearly 800 ideas were received and 11 of them got $100,000 each for manufacturing skin-like, next-generation condoms. Low cost condoms for women were widely discussed in popular media when they were first invented in China. The translation of Kamasutra from ancient Sanskrit to English language decades ago made it a news-worthy topic instantly and sexual partners are acutely curious about interesting positions that can improve sexual performance as well as pleasure.

Why you need to have sex outdoors

Even the most passionate of couples begin experiencing a lull in their sex lives after they have exhausted all the skills in the sexual repertoire. When this stage arrives in a relationship, it becomes crucial to spice things up to ...

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