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Indian women and sex issues – Myths and Realities

Have you ever bothered for the reasons as to why do your wife or girlfriend suddenly complains of a headache, especially when you are ready? The fact of the matter is that sex is a big issue for women as it is for men. Lack of awareness or conditioning is the only reason that women usually do not speak much on the matter.

It is a reality that women only realize the sexual problems when the partner starts complaining and it has a bearing on their relationship. Some women strangely realize the fact only when they get involved in an extra marital affair. Dr. Suman Bijlani, a renowned Gynaecologist points out that one needs to read between the lines, when it comes to issues related to sexual satisfaction in relations.

Some of the problems that crop up in women’s mind are listed below along with the probable solutions.

Lack of interest among Women

This is a common problem that most women face. Spicing up her sexual life is in your hands and she desires her man to make her feel special. On the night, you wish to indulge in sex with the lady in your life, you need to work an extra bit to make her feel comfortable. This builds up the perfect mood for that special night.

Your lady is busy with kids in her usual days. This makes her life hectic and boring at the same time. Spice up things and take her on an outing or gift her something she desires. You will feel the difference and the night will be indeed special for both of you.


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Faking the Orgasm

As a man, you might be focusing on Orgasm only, but think from the lady’s perspective. For her, often great foreplay is good enough. You need to ensure that she is happy with the quality of sex. If you notice that your woman is faking the orgasm, this is a danger sign. It essentially means that the lady in your life does not trust you enough on this matter. Learn to read between the lines and make her comfortable enough, so that she can talk with you frankly on this issue.

The more comfortable your lady luck feels, better are the chances of the relation growing strong.

Frequency of Sex

This is another issue that plays the spoilsport and turns a great relation into a bad beginning. For some men, sex is a daily requirement and they cannot live without the same. However, you must realize the women think on different track and other priorities weigh their minds. A woman can feel disinterested in sex, if done too frequently. Learn to respect her sentiments and ensure that you keep her happy, all the time.

Fearing Pregnancy

Fear of unwanted pregnancy often forces the women to avoid having sex frequently. It is your moral obligation to check out that you take adequate precautions to avoid any complications. Use proper remedial measures, every time you desire to get intimate. Your woman will admire you for the same and make the experience, truly cherishing.

Follow the rulebook and enjoy a healthy sexual life. The lady in your life will trust you and make you feel special every passing day of your life.



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