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Hot tips for spicing up the same old missionary and adding zest to your sex life

What do you do when life gets boring and dull? You change things and routines to make your life more refreshing and satisfying. Missionary sex has for long been considered to be non-adventurous and bland.

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However, there are ways in which you can turn the simple missionary into a thoroughly stimulating sexual experience. Let’s not overlook the fact that missionary is the most comforting sex pose and after a long day at work you would rather be on your back than doing all sorts of aerobics in the bedroom. But if you truly feel that missionary sex can be feistier then here are some tips for changing the missionary game.

Reasons for loving and hating the missionary

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First you need to understand why men hate and love the missionary position simultaneously. The reason for loving the missionary is that they get complete access to the breasts and other parts of their female partner and that stimulates their senses during the intercourse.

Another reason for loving it is the eye contact that one can maintain during missionary sex with their partner. It can be pretty intense and emotionally satiating. If the man is taller than the woman then it becomes difficult for him to maintain eye contact with the lady during missionary or access her breasts. Missionary sex is rigorous for the men and it often delays orgasm, especially for the long time couples.

Put one or both legs up

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If you want to make missionary more enjoyable for both yourself and your man then try putting one or both legs up his shoulders. Putting up one leg is easier for those who have gained weight or unable to try the more adventurous sex positions.

When you rest one of your legs on his shoulders he can feel the skin rubbing against his cheek and also gain better access inside. Putting both legs up makes deeper thrusts possible which is satisfying for both the partners. This way he can also easily touch and cradles your buttocks.

Put the pillow under your butt

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Another way for making the penetrations deeper is to raise your butt. You can do this easily by putting a pillow under your butt. Men also enjoy missionary sex more when it is done at the edge of the bed.

With the pillow placed under the shoulders of the lady and the man’s knee bent at 90 degree angle you two can also enjoy the golden gate bridge variation of missionary. This pose helps in building tension within a short span of time and lets the man control the motion and level of penetration.

Use different tools and toys

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Nothing adds spice better than a small sex toy. Full size vibrators and vibrator rings are both very helpful in making missionary style more interesting. Use lubes and butt plugs for a steamier session. Handcuff your lady and ride her to satisfaction or blindfold her for enhancing the sensational feelings. Fold her legs to her stomach for deeper penetration and better access to the buttocks.

Vibrators that can stimulate her G-spot and clitoris are also loved by couples. A woman should not be slack during the missionary as she has a passive role. As a woman you can clench the vaginal muscles to hold the penis tighter and increasing the stimulation for your partner. Also use your legs to embrace the lower half of your man for a more intimate experience.

Missionary can be fun if you are up to a little bit of experimenting. Change the position a little and use sex toys for making it spicy.

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