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Explore and enjoy kissing to take romance to greater heights

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Kissing is most of the times projected as a romantic thing to do with your partner. But, while glorifying kisses as the proof of love we neglect its potency as a tool of arousal. If you learn to kiss in the right way then no one will ever be able to say no to you. Kissing can be the step to get closer to your partner and convince them to have sex with you without using a single word.


Women tend to be very particular about the kissing style of a man. Sloppy and clumsy kisses can be a deal breaker and you may never get a second chance. Kissing should not be restricted to the lips. Kiss her eye-lids, neck, shoulders and every other part to make her feel special and get her juices flowing.

How to make a kiss extra special?


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Dry peck on the lips does nothing to arouse a woman. Give her a wet and minute long kiss to get her hormones humming. According to scientists wet kisses that involves saliva help in sexual arousal. A good, wet kiss can also make sex more intense between couples. Helen Fisher, who works as an anthropologist at Rutgers University, has mentioned that the presence of testosterone in saliva has been proven.

Testosterone can excite women and prepare them for intercourse during kissing. May be this is the reason why men like wet and sloppy kisses more than women. Kissing most probably affects the levels of hormones like cortisol and oxytocin but researchers have still not come to any conclusion regarding this.

Where should you kiss your lady love?

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There are many places where a woman loves to get kissed apart from the obvious lips. The best kind of foreplay is when you combine kissing with other foreplay techniques and touch her in all the sensitive places. Hold her from behind and burry your face in her hair.

If she has long locks, lift them and move it to a side to kiss the nape of neck gently. Touch her nape with your tongue a little as well and a little sucking or tickling is also welcome. Leave a trail of kisses until you reach the small of her back.

Kiss the small of her back because the nerves which go down to the genitals originate from here. Stimulating this spot will get you some brownie points and get her wetter. Sucking and kissing her fingertips will also make her feel aroused. When you kiss and suck her nipples a hormone named Oxytocin gets produced in her body.

This hormone is known for bringing couples closer and creates a bonding between them. Also land a trail of kisses on her belly before you reach her clitoris. There are almost 8000 nerve endings in her clitoris. Kissing and sucking it will not only arouse her extremely but also may lead to an orgasm. Thousands of women enjoy clitoral orgasms more than vaginal orgasms.

Tips to make you a kissing expert


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It is essential that you and your partner communicate regarding kissing. Tell her what you like about her kissing style and ask her to tell how she wants the special kisses to be. While kissing your partner you should be attentive towards her comfort level. Do not choke her by inserting your tongue down her throat. Make flickering movements with your tongue and explore her mouth. Kissing should be thrilling, soft yet full of passion. Forcing her to prolong the kiss will end your game.

Kissing can be used as one of the most favorite foreplay tools of women. Kiss her at the right places to arouse her completely before the real action begins.

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