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Changes in sex life that follow pregnancy

There are many myths and facts regarding the changes that occur in your sex life post pregnancy. The female body goes through several stages of transitions during pregnancy. Some of these changes are temporary but many are permanent. Bearing a child or in some cases a twin is a very tough task. After delivering the child, the body slowly goes back to its normal condition but the vagina may not be as tight as before and the lower abdominal skin may become slack.

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With proper care and exercises, women can get back in shape faster but still they lack the confidence of having sex soon after having a baby. The duties towards the child takes up a big chunk of a woman’s daily routine and she is often sleep deprived. With major changes in daily schedules and lifestyle, sex life transforms too.

Couples are generally advised not to have sex right after the baby is delivered. They have to limit physical intimacy to a few kisses for at least six weeks after having a child. New mothers are so busy with their bundle of joy that they hardly get any time for musing on sex deprivation. The husband is the worst sufferer in this. Before the kid was delivered he didn’t get sex for quite a long time, and now again there is a dry spell. The best thing you can do is cuddling and sleeping side by side. Oral sex is also a good option if you are up to it.

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Even when you are ready to have sex, everything feels uncomfortable. The breasts are sore from feeding the baby and the overload of milk. Sex can also hurt in the beginning all over again. After such a long time, you just might feel that your husband or boyfriend has got bigger somehow and it will make you scared. Even the most thoughtful men fail to go slow on their women after six months without any action.

Sex just might turn into a painful chore instead of a great thing. However, with time you and your spouse will adjust with the physical changes and if you two really love each other things will work out. Share the baby nursing duties with the father and get sleep. Sleep not just heals the body but also boosts the sex drive.


Sex can dramatically change after having a child but it is quite normal. Ladies should focus on their health and fitness for feeling on top of their game once more.

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