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Add morning sex to your routine for a fun filled day

When it comes to sex, a huge number of people suffer from anxiety regarding performance. Performance anxiety can make one nervous in bed and reduce their longevity. As a result they start feeling frustrated and avoid having sex altogether. The truth of the matter is that sex begets sex. Means the more sex you have, the less anxious you feel about your performance.

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Don’t be depressed if your performance is not up to the mark for a few times rather take more initiative to have sex at the right time. According to a survey, men are fonder of starting their days on a sweet note by having sex. Women prefer to enjoy intercourse just before they go to sleep. For a fulfilling sex life you have to align your sexual clock with that of your partner.

Change the routine, shake off the stress

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After a night of peaceful sleep when you wake up, sometimes your mind becomes baffled and crowded by the thoughts of work and chores. This can stress you out and reduce your desire for sex. If you want to enjoy sex in the morning with your partner then set an early alarm.

If you get up early then you will not have to face the rush of getting ready and completing chore. There will be sufficient time for you to enjoy a round of satisfying and relaxing sex before you start the day. Also make it a habit not to check your mails at bed, early in the morning or late at night. Draw a line between work and personal life and try to strike a balance.

Sex is for both

Live A Great Life

 Sex is for both

Sexual satisfaction can only be achieved when you are as happy with the intercourse as your partner. Don’t look at sex as a chore that only your partner enjoys. It is something that both of you are supposed to enjoy together. Many women treat sex as an unwanted or unnecessary chore they are forced to perform for the sake of their husbands. Do not ever try to buy favor with sex or use blow jobs as a reward. If you give him an oral, it should be satisfying for you as well. Your husband also worries about satisfying you in bed. Guide him in this matter and tell him what you want him to do. Be frank and communicate more to reach mutual agreement.

Men should learn the techniques

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There are a few techniques that any guy can use to prolong the intercourse and last longer in bed. Once you have mastered the technique of lasting 8 to 11 minutes, start exercising the muscles of your pelvis, which is at located at the base of your penis. The same muscles have to be squeezed when you will to stop urinating.

Recognize them and exercise them to enjoy sex more. The pelvic muscles help in ejaculation and strengthening them will give you more control in bed. Also regulate your breathing while in bed with your partner. If you feel that you are nearing ejaculation then take deep breaths. Divert your mind a little or close your eyes to let the moment pass. Gear up and take intercourse to the next level.

Remember that sex is not a compulsion but an impulse that both of you should feel at the same time. No matter if it is late at night or the wee hours, have sex without inhibitions, whenever it feels right.

Morning sex is a great way of starting your day on a positive note. After a good night’s sleep you will have more energy to enjoy and appreciate sex.

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