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How Parenting Styles Make an Impact on Delinquent Behavior

The role of a parent in the socialization of children is extremely important. Several research studies indicate that parenting styles have a connection with children’s socialization that may further support or prevent delinquent behavior in children. Delinquent behavior can be ...

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School health check ups

These days, child health is the greatest concern in almost all developed countries. Health concerns like obesity, learning difficulties, hyperactivity and attention problems, anxiety and exam stress, depression, etc are on the rise. While most of these issues are related ...

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Immunization in teens

Immunizations include giving vaccines for prevention against specific diseases. While most of the vaccines are given at birth and then during childhood, it is necessary to give their booster doses and other additional vaccines as the age advances. Similarly, special ...

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Teen partying requires strong parenting

  The transformation of a child into teen brings a number of changes. It can be both positive as well as negative so it is the duty of the parents to ensure that their kids move in the right direction. ...

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Sex change treatment for kids: Safe and ethical?

Sex changing treatment for kids has started getting recognition lately. Although it is still in its diminutive stage, but its count is rising rapidly. Parents have started supporting this procedure to help the child get the gender of their preference. Doc

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