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Talk to your kids in a way that they actually listen to what you say

As a parent, you must have experienced that your child just keeps ignoring you. You ask your child to come on to the dinner table at least 3 to 4 times but your kid will just not pay attention. The final solution that you find is to scream at him. As time passes,this pattern of screaming will just keep increasing.

This is not a good sign and will hamper a healthy parent-child relationship. Moreover, your children may start feeling that mom means it only when she screams. You surely don’t want that to happen. You have to get rid of this pattern and develop a better way of communication between you and your child.

Discipline mistakes parents make

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  • Usually, parents feel that a little lie is okay, but this can backfire. Instead of scaring your child by telling little lies like “go to school a witch will come and take you”; tell them the truth and try to explain things properly.
  • Don’t just terrorize your kid, as an alternative make sure that he or she is punished for their wrong behaviour.
  • Make sure that both parents ensure that they work together on discipline of the child. If the mother keeps yelling and dad just takes the kid to the local ice cream parlour to divert his attention, the child will feel that though mom is the villain,dad is always there to protect him for his bad behaviour.
  • Stop using the bribe system. “Complete dinner then you will get ice cream or finish your homework then you can watch the cartoon for one extra hour” are things that don’t pay. This way, the child will start expecting a bribe for all those routine things which he or she has to do.
  • Make sure that you don’t break the rules that you are creating for your child. If you have instructed your child that they must put the book back in the shelf after reading, make sure you don’t leave the newspaper or magazine just lying on the bed after you are finished with them.

Ways to talk to your kids

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You might wonder if there is an easy way of talking to your child. Well here are some tips or ways in which you can talk to your kids.

  • Don’t be boring when talking to small children. Bring variations in your pitch and sound interesting so that it holds the attention of your child and they listen to you better.
  • Explain to them why it is not correct to behave badly or to misbehave. Simply shouting and yelling at them and telling them they are wrong is not enough. Instead, try to explain to them patiently why a certain action is not good.
  • Just don’t stare at your child by standing in front of him instead get on your knees and look into their eyes. Try to sympathize with them.
  • Listen to your child. Listen to the reasons that your child has to give and then try to explain things to him or her.
  • Make sure that you encourage your child and make him or her understand that the discipline tactic that you are using is for his or her good.

Effective communication is of utmost importance if you want to build a strong bond between you and your child. If you want your child to listen to you and not ignore you then you have to learn to discipline him using the right tactics.

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