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Pre-pregnancy diet may be just as important as maternal diet

A pregnant woman needs to take care of herself both before and after the child birth and the recent study has revealed that the diet of a pregnant woman pre-pregnancy is just as vital as the maternal diet. The nutrients that reach the body with the pre-pregnancy diet stay there for a long time and hence the meals before the child birth must not be taken lightly. Whatever a would-be mother consumes prior to child birth plays a very important role in deciding the health of the unborn child and every thing that she eats must be packed with nutrients.


This study was conducted on mice and the entire group of female mice was divided in 2 groups and was fed different kinds of pre-pregnancy diets to analyze the results. The team that was conducting the test fed one group a completely controlled diet full of essential nutrients while they gave food sans ALA or alpha-linolenic acid to the other group of female mice. After a few days when the mice had their pups another division was done among the groups in order to feed the one half of the prior groups a diet rich in ALA in the form of flaxseed oil where as the second half of the female mice were fed the same diet as before.

The next step of the study was to examine the urine as well as the blood samples of the female mice so that the team can study the samples in order to view the levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids or PUFA plus the what is known as Fads 2 and is primarily a DNA methylation of gene and Fads 2 manages the metabolism of PUFA. The food which was lacking the ALA displayed changes in the Fads 2 which resulted in an altered metabolism in both the pup and the months. The researching team also said the pup’s potential to change PUFA’s in their individual systems was impacted by both the diet eaten by the mother mice prior to the birth and after the birth.


It is very much clear from the results of the study that the offspring gets affected by every decision of the mother from day one therefore it is in best interest of both the mother and the baby that no loose ends are left while choosing what to eat pre-pregnancy as well as post-pregnancy.


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