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Traits of catastrophic parenting

Most parents would agree that parenting is a rollercoaster ride, you enjoy and scream as well. There are moments of highs and lows in every parent’s life. Here are some common mistakes that parents make and could be catastrophic.

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Parenting tips for same sex couples

When compared to the children of regular parents, the children of same sex parents were found to be healthier and had a strong bond to their families in a study conducted in Australia. A team of researchers from the University ...

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Handling kids psychology in case of choices

An important part of growing up is learning to make the right choices. It is important that parents inculcate choosing skills in a child so that thechild learns to make better choices in life. The important question is where to ...

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Learn To Raise Emotionally Intelligent Children

The ability of a person to handle his or her anger, frustration, anxiety and fear in the best possible manner is termed as emotional intelligence. Teaching your kids how to manage their feelings enhances their emotional intelligence. This skill enables ...

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