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How Parenting Styles Make an Impact on Delinquent Behavior

The role of a parent in the socialization of children is extremely important. Several research studies indicate that parenting styles have a connection with children’s socialization that may further support or prevent delinquent behavior in children. Delinquent behavior can be described through actions like fighting, stealing, irresponsibility, cheating, aggression, alcoholism, immorality, etc. Basically, delinquents fail to comply by the society’s norms and can even go to the extent of crossing lines defined by the law. Thus, it is very important for parents to understand how their parenting styles can support delinquent behavior in children.

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Studies indicate that delinquent behavior is mostly enhanced by harsh parenting styles. If parents keep their children over-disciplined, they start being rebels and following delinquent actions. When children start behaving in this way, parents further punish them strictly and in a conflicting manner. This also reduces their participation in children’s socialization.

A teenager has good chances of becoming a delinquent if such negative socialization strategies keep continuing. Later, their delinquent behavior persists. Apart from this case, studies have also found that delinquency is higher in children of single parents.

If parents use the authoritarian, neglecting or permissive parenting style, then children are found to be more involved in delinquent behavior. Actually, these parenting styles are the behavior patterns of parents that are used in rearing their children. A negative approach or behavior pattern to treat children can only lead to a negative reaction from them.

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Parents using the authoritative parenting style are better at handling the behavior of their children. Such parents offer logical guidelines for kids to follow. Additionally, these guidelines are flexible. Thus, they leave a positive influence on their children. In this parenting style, parents listen to what children have to say about their set rules. They also explain why these rules should be followed.

When parents control their children in this manner, children develop respect for them and do not tend to turn toward delinquent behavior. In contrast, following the permissive parenting style causes children to be spoiled. They think that they have all sorts of freedom to do anything. Thus, they start satisfying all their desires through several means.

It is the same case when parents follow the neglecting style of parenting. Their children do not feel affection and start socializing with wrong individuals. In the authoritarian style too, parents become commanding and children are not given an exception to their rules. Thus, such kids become delinquent as they seek more freedom.


Parenting styles deeply affect delinquency in children. While authoritative parents involve their children in decisions and norm setting, other types of parents do not. Thus, children having neglecting, authoritarian or permissive parents tend to show delinquent behavior.

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