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Pampering Your Lady during Her Pregnancy – Tips for Hubby

Excited about becoming a father? But before that you have a lot of work to do to make your wife happy and comfortable in her pregnancy. So for a while keep your excitement aside and think about what you can do to make her feel better. You must understand that it would be the most difficult phase of her life since it will bring a lot of changes in her due to hormonal imbalances. She might experience a variety of symptoms such as mood swings, morning sickness, anxiety and many more. However, you need to be patient because it is only your love and support that can help her win this phase with ease.Most of the time husband is puzzled of what he should and what he should not do during his wife’s pregnancy because a little carelessness can be harmful. Here are a few tips for husband that can help his pregnant wife feel comfortable, physically and emotionally.


Talk to her

Talk to your wife how she feels during pregnancy. Most of the time pregnant woman wants to share her feelings of becoming a mother. So show your interest in her speech as this is going to be the most challenging phase of her life. During your discussion, ask your wife about what you can do to help her. Listen carefully what she says and try to fulfill all her desires.


A gentle massage

Gently massage on her foot as it will help her relieve a lot of tensions. Pregnant women are usually uncomfortable with their increasing weight. Therefore, a fantastic massage on her back and shoulders will do a lot.


Pamper her

During pregnancy, your wife will become attention seeker who will demand a frequent pampering form your side. Demonstrate your love and attention for her. Compliment her every day and makes her feel special as she might be conscious of her looks in pregnancy. Not only you can pamper her this way but there is another way you can make her feels better. Why not do some cooking.  Learn simple cooking and offer her favorite dish. Surely this would make your wife feels really good.


Go to appointments

It is important to her that you are accompanying your wife in every Dr. Appointment. Try to take out some time from your busy schedule to attend at least some of her appointments if not all. Your wife will definitely love this.


Sleep patterns

Keep a check on her sleeping habits. Allow her some additional sleep to make her feel relaxed.


Read and search

Read books on pregnancy for yourself as it will help you understand how your wife is going through. Search the internet for related information about how to take care of your wife during pregnancy.

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