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Dealing with post partum blues


Giving birth to a baby is a wonderful experience, but involves mixed emotions. While you are overwhelmed by the sight of the bundle of your joy you may also be anxious about the arrival of your baby.

As a new mom there are many changes in a woman’s physical and mental picture. Some women may experience a complicated mix of feelings, which is commonly termed as baby blues or post partum blues.

Baby Blues

These symptoms can be commonly seen in the form of anxiety, sadness, mood swings and crying. Sometimes, these may last for a longer duration and even affect the quality of life. It may result in unpleasant symptoms that include having a feeling of guilt, having difficulty in bonding with the baby or social withdrawal. This might be heading towards post partum depression and seeking professional help may be advisable in such cases.

Tips for you

Here are some tips to help the new mom deal with baby blues

  • Take healthy regular meals packed with nutrition. Develop healthy eating habits and include lots fruits and vegetables. Do not skip meals.
  • Take help for preparing meals and follow a nutritional diet plan.
  • Rest whenever possible and make sure you get enough sleep. Taking care of the baby may involve staying up at night, so make arrangements for someone to help you.
  • Relax your body and mind. Get a body or head massage to help your body revitalize. Consider using relaxation methods with the help of aromatherapy or other standard conventional therapies used at home.
  • Spend quality time with your friends or family members and take an opportunity to unwind yourself. Indulge in activities of personal interest like reading, listening to music, etc to refresh your mind.
  • After a few days of rest, plan an exercise program and take an expert’s advice if required. Regular exercise will not only help to bring your body back in shape but also to feel good about yourself.

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