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AirCrib – Inflatable travel Crib

Traveling with little children can be such a nightmare. Its almost next to impossible to put them to sleep anyplace new. Thankfully we found the new AirCrib, a lightweight, portable crib that is designed especially keeping in mind the safety and comfort of your kid. Very easy to set up, the crib inflates in under a minute flat with the help of a unique electric pump, a hand pump, or even with your own lung power! With a 24” x 33” interior the crib is covered with mesh walls that let in light and air and let the baby see you all the while he is trying to fall asleep. A 1.25” thick nylon self-inflating foam core mattress comes fitted with sheets and with its five separate inflatable chambers you never have to worry about the crib collapsing gif one of them deflates. You can also get a bug-mesh with the crib to keep pesky insects away from your little angel while he naps peacefully.

Price: $98.99
Source: The Green Head

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