The most popular destinations around the world for Medical Tourism

Medical tourism offers individuals the combined opportunity of opting for medical procedures and treatments in developing countries, and vacationing at the same time. The industry is steadily on the rise, and has become an established norm for developing countries like Thailand, India, Malaysia and Hong Kong. It has even spread its roots to countries like Hungary, Brazil, Panama and Costa Rica etc. in recent years. So given the fact that several destinations are affiliated with the industry today, here are some of the best destinations for medical tourism in the world.



Panama happens to be one of the foremost destinations for medical tourism for US citizens. The country is located close to the US, thereby minimizing travel costs. The country is also quite Americanized, with the official currency being the US dollar, and most of the medical specialists being US trained.

According to the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA), a medical surgery in Panama would easily cost at least 50% lesser than in the USA. And though this figure is high when compared to other Asian countries, it is still a great bargain for those who wish to remain close to home.


According to the NCPA, India offers the best value for money when it comes to medical care. This means you can get the best possible medical treatment and care for the lowest price when compared to every other medical tourism destination in the world.

India has been noting a steady increase in the number of foreigners who visit it for medical treatments every year. The country has some really state of the art infrastructure and medical equipment, along with several hospitals that have JVI accreditation, thus offering the best in terms of treatment and follow up care for patients. The only hindrance is its distance from the UK and US which would increase traveling costs tremendously.


This South American country happens to be the foremost destination preferred for cosmetic and plastic surgeries. In fact, it is considered to be one of the largest markets for cosmetic surgeries in the world, second only to the USA. And the reason for this happens to be the extraordinarily high standards of medical care available at amazingly low prices.

Most of the hospitals and healthcare facilities in Brazil have the JCAHO accreditation. And Sao Paulo in Brazil boasts of housing the best healthcare facilities in the world, in addition to some of the best surgeons on the entire planet. Another added advantage of medical tourism in Brazil is its close proximity to America (approximately 9 hours by flight).



The medical tourism industry in Malaysia has grown by nearly 400% over the past few years, with experts predicting a higher increase in the years to come. The reason? Some of the best healthcare facilities in the world coupled with some of the best medical surgeons and healthcare specialists; and not to mention the chance to visit a breathtaking tropical destination in the process.

A by-pass surgery in Malaysia costs only about $7000 or so. And most of the other cardiac procedures are available at very low costs as well. The same goes for quality dental and cosmetic procedures which are offered for very affordable costs.

Costa Rica

Located quite close to the USA (approximately 10 hours by flight), Costa Rica offers some of the best dental and cosmetic procedures in the world for down to earth costs. For instance, while a dental veneer would cost almost $1200 in the US, the procedure would cost only $350 in Costa Rica.

The country also houses some of the best healthcare facilities in the world to ensure that no compromise is made on the quality of the medical treatment given to visitors. Its close proximity to the US would also minimize travel related costs.

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