The increasingly popular Korean nose job

Korea is a leader in global medical tourism destinations. The increasing influx of medical tourists is a reflection of popular medical tourism industry flourishing in the grounds of Korea. South Korea is often rated as one of the best destinations that offer quality healthcare system.

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Korea as a medical tourism destination provides medical treatments for nearly all medical ailments, but cosmetic surgeries are the most popular, and attract patients from all over the world. The Korean nose job is distinguished from a simple nose job in many regards, and this is what makes it so popular throughout the world.

The typical Korean nose job

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The Korean nose job is a typical nose surgery that aims to transform the Asian button nose to a nose that is considered beautiful in all dimensions around the world. A typical Asian button nose is a nose with wide nostrils and flat shape. The Korean nose job is not similar to the western nose jobs, which are mainly about reducing the size of the nose.

The Korean nose job is more like the Asian Rhinoplasty, which aims for augmentation or refinement. This nose job is about creating beautiful noses by reducing the size of the nostrils, raising and narrowing the tip, and then adding appropriate bridging. The technologies are used as per the demands of the patients.

A western patient wants a different shape than an Asian one, which is why the technology for the nose job also differs. However, Korea as a medical tourism destination has learnt the skill of nose jobbing like none other destination in the world.

Different nose job techniques performed in Korea

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Korean nose jobs are famous worldwide because they cater to each patient exclusively. They understand patient requirements and use that nose job technology that best suits the requirements of the patients. Here are the different measures for which Korean nose job is famous:

  • Augmenting the bridge of the nose: Most of the surgeons in Korea, prefer augmenting the bridge of one’s nose with the patients very own cartilage. This cartilage is mostly drawn from the patient’s spectrum or his/her ear. In some very peculiar cases, rib cartilage is often put to use as an alternative.
  • Refinement of the tip of the nose: This process deals with reshaping the nasal tip. This is done by either extending it or by under projecting it, as per the demand of the patient. This is also done by harvesting and implanting the cartilage accordingly. This helps in producing a more pronounced smile, and makes the face appear smaller.
  • Reduction of the sized of the nostrils: This measure is performed with the help of technique named alar base reduction. This technique allows narrowing the width of the base of the nose, and reduces the size of the nostrils. The technique focuses on variant excisions in relation to the flare of the nostril, and its width as well.

The best part about having a nose job done from Korea is that you can save a lot of money, as the prices for performing this technique is quite low as in comparison to other destinations, especially when compared to the quality on offer.

Other factors that make Korea a popular medical tourism destination


In addition to offering great treatments, especially the very famous nose job, there are other factors as well that play in favor of making Korea a popular medical tourism destination in general. These factors are:

  • Easy accessibility
  • Low cost of medical treatments
  • Use of high end and sophisticated technologies
  • Visitor friendly environment


Korea is a popular medical tourism destination worldwide. The Korean nose job is a major contributor towards increasing the influx of international tourists in the country form world over.

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