How to deal with anxiety attacks at work

Typically working adults spend around 8-10 hours or more at office. The cut throat competition and demanding work pressure result in elevated anxiety levels and stress. Long working hours, workload, job insecurity and issues with boss adds to the plight of working adults. Thus, work related anxiety can cause significant health issues. Here are some effective ways to deal with anxiety attacks at work.

Feelings are the root cause

It is important to understand your emotions for they play a very vital role in decision making process. The better you understand your emotions, the more effectively you would be able to control what is within your realm. One should try to channelize the negative energies in positive possibilities and activities that could boost the motivational levels. It is useless subsiding ones emotions and struggling achieving the impossible as it would only lead to frustration. Whenever you face an anxiety attack, just divert your attention to something you have a passion for. Such practice will not only help you bring down the anxiety levels but also let you relax. Do not keep your problem to yourself and discuss it with people who are close to you. They may help you find a right solution which you might not be able to figure out at that moment. Remember emotion management holds the key to turn you into a productive and happier person.

Face your anxiety

Never try to run away from anxiety as its root cause must be resolved, otherwise it will haunt you back sooner or later. Face your fear as the idea of confronting your anxiety-causing concerns before you actually do it will actually help you face the situation properly. Researches suggest that generally anxiety levels increase when people set unrealistic goals and struggle achieving them. Do set goals but try to achieve them step by step one at a time. Take notice of the moments that lead to anxiety attacks and analyze the cause so that you could prepare yourself to tackle it effectively. It will help you learn more about yourself and choices you make. Self analysis and meditation is a must to work out a solution to deal with anxiety.There are several exercise and activities to help lower the anxiety and stress levels. Your diet also have a role to play in lowering down anxiety and elevating you spirits.

Get a hold of your creativeness

Self satisfaction is something that is seldom found in the ado of today’s busy routine. Monotonous lifestyle and boring routine takes away the zest from life, thereby, increasing the frustration levels. Try out something crazy and creative now and then to add freshness to your life. Being creative helps one deal with anxiety in a far productive manner. It will help you build a positive attitude to take on difficult situations and challenges in life with more confidence and enthusiasm. Creativity has the power of creation and grooms your personality as a whole. So cultivate a habit of writing down your creative ideas and implementing them whenever you feel a bit low and unsatisfied.

Live life king size

By this we are not suggesting a lavish lifestyle but living with a heart of a king. Over the years we have conditioned ourselves to survive, but, being alive is what matters the most. By being alive we mean enjoying the gifts that life has to offer every moment. This habit can help one control his emotional states and cut down the anxiety levels. Indulge in activities like dance, cooking, painting, music or whatever you have a passion for. Being serious and over burdened with work will only worsen the condition irrespective of what you achieve on the career front. Try to find light moments while working, where you can share a joke and have a short laugh. Remember, laughter is the best medicine of cure.

Observe everyday

Self monitoring and encouraging yourself to try and develop new skills is the key to deal with anxiety attacks at work. Produce long lasting behavioral patterns, which will help you, ease out the anxiety you feel while working. Once you have yourself adapted to the new behavioral patterns, it will become easier to be attached with these new habits and realize how much they help you in lowering down your anxiety levels. Observe yourself as well as reaction of others while trying out your new ways of dealing with anxiety. This way you will understand what you have been lacking and the areas you need to work on as well as what people expect from you. This can work wonders in controlling the situation around you effectively.

Dr Prem Jagyasi

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