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How to deal with cheap people

How to deal with cheap people

You cannot escape cheap people, try as hard as you like. From the office to family, our known surroundings are packed with cheap people. It is best to describe them as individuals who care little for emotions of others. Their insensitive behavior pretty much hurts everyone around. If the person is not making much difference to the way you live or act, then do ignore them. However, if they are getting to your nerves, then the time has come that you learn a few ways to deal with cheap people.

Breathe deeply

Breathe deeply

Overtly spiritual as it may sound, yet deep breathing is something that really helps. There is hardly any dearth of cheap people around. It is their tendency to pass offensive remarks or make fun of things that may end up hurting others. However, before you charge at the person directly breaking his nose in the process, take some time to think and decide. There is no better way to deal with cheap people, just give it a thought! Are these people worth your time and precious energy? By answering a rude remark, you unconsciously get closer to the person making it. It is never good to share ranks with them. Hence, dealing with the situation smartly. Avoid getting angry, take a deep breath and just overlook the comment. Apart from helping you vent the anger out, it also offers some peace of mind.

Make your resentments known

credit for your hard work

Cheap people can be dealt quite effectively by speaking the stuff out in a manner that is both firm and yet smart. Keeping mum isn’t the only solution around. At times, you just as well need to speak out. There are hundreds of freaky people who refuse to stop behaving like a jerk especially when their attitude goes unnoticed by others. This is exactly where these cheap folks need to be taught a lesson.

Let us now try and explain the point with the help of a small example. Suppose there is a particular project you have been working for quite some time now, one that impressed your bosses and seniors. Now, what if a co-worker suddenly barges into the scene and takes the credit for all your hard work? Should you allow the person to get away with it? Of course not and especially when the person at the other end is an insensitive and heartless goon. Find smart ways of getting back on him. The best you can do is, ask puzzling questions about the project. It is quiet obvious that the guy will start stammering and fumbling for words. The boss is sure to pick up clues from this unnatural behavior.

Divert your attention – one of the best ways to deal with cheap people

Divert your attention

This is one of the best solutions when it comes to facing a cheap and insensitive guy outside your known territory, on the road or at the store. Since you don’t know the guy, there is little you can do to mend his ways. It is always better to ignore such people whenever you meet them outside. Keep your attention diverted to other things. In fact, if you have a particularly annoying relative coming over, then this strategy is sure to work wonders. The home is usually packed with so many options to divert your attention.

Consider switching your phone’s music system on or using the T.V as probable options. You should always remember that some people are jerks right since their birth. There is no point in getting your stress levels high trying to teach them a lesson. Sometimes, there are better options than to deal with cheap people. Start ignoring them and utilize the effort and time in something more productive.

Use humor to deal with cheap people

 feelings of revenge

You might consider this absurd, yet imagination and humor are two of the most important weapons in your battle against the cheap person. Simply go overboard with your reactions to make the person understand the insensitivity of his or her ways. Whenever a person throws a particularly humiliating remark, it automatically generates feelings of revenge in the person at the receiving end. Hence, the moment you can feel your anger levels rising, go ahead and do something really stupid which would have otherwise been unthinkable of. That is one of the best ways to deal with cheap people.

It needs to be borne in mind that doing so is not as easy as it is said. You have to pull yourself away from the feelings of anger. Switch to your humorous self and you can feel the anger oozing away in a matter of seconds. Imagine yourself throwing a cake on the cheap person’s face and you are sure to break into a smile. Things will get alright sooner than expected.

Look for mistakes on your part

Look for mistakes on your part

Harsh as it may sound, yet more often than not, the reason behind a person’s anger has something to do with our own insensitivities. The person on the street may have misbehaved because you hurt him accidentally. On a similar note, your insulting a person within the common circle of friends might have turned the person hostile towards you.

Hence, whenever a person behaves rudely with you, before blaming him downright, try and look for possible loopholes within yourself. Had I said or done something to hurt the person? This is the first question that you should ask. Well, there are times when we tend to become so absorbed with ourselves that we simply overlook a person when he or she bumps into us. It is a common scenario at social gatherings or parties. However, with a little thinking, you can always overcome the problems.

Before you go…

It is foolish to confuse crazy people with difficult ones. All crazy people are difficult, but not every difficult person is crazy. If you have experienced enough life outside your house, you must have encountered numerous people who are difficult to deal with. If you ever cross roads with a difficult-to-deal-with person again, here are some tips to keep in mind while tackling them.

6 Pro Tips For Dealing With Difficult People

You may be struggling to deal with difficult people in your life. Just one difficult encounter can spoil your entire day or days. It may be just that your views don’t match. It could be someone in your office or family who seem to make your life just that little bit harder. No one likes confrontations, and if you’re forced into one, you may find it hard to keep a cool head. The person could make derogatory remarks, be aggressive, have contrary views, display arrogant behavior.  Here are 6 tips for dealing with difficult people:

 Pro tips for dealing with difficult people 

Don’t bother to engage or defend yourself

Difficult people are usually those who like drama and competition. They want to be right, no matter what. However, you know where you stand, so don’t explain yourself. Don’t give a difficult person the chance to be even more offensive – which will happen if you engage in the conversation. To keep your sanity while dealing with difficult people, don’t say anything. It’s tough to listen quietly, but doing so will ensure that you don’t say anything which you might regret later. There are very good chances that your words can be used against you by twisting your words. So remember, silence is golden.

Take control

Tackling difficult people like a pro is easy when you realize that you can use the situation for your benefit. You can use the encounter as one of life’s lessons, teaching you to be patient when things are difficult. Always remember that it’s never about you. It’s the other person who is troubled and wants to take it out on you. Sometimes, people provide constructive criticism. However, some people can be unpleasant. So, listen carefully. Try to take it as a constructive encounter. You will not feel the stress.

Don’t overreact

It’s tough to keep your sanity while dealing with difficult people. You might overreact and the situation can go easily out of hand. This can land both of you in the HR office, or if it happens with your spouse, lead you to marriage counseling! While dealing with difficult people, you should not allow them to push your buttons. You have to be gentle and considerate while responding, as this can lead to a successful resolution of the issue. Your colleague/spouse/anyone else will gradually be forced to calm down too, and face the real issue. If he/she is sorting their thoughts aloud, you may be getting angrier too, but make the greatest effort and control your emotions. (You can let them have it, later, in your own way!)

Remove yourself emotionally

Sometimes, you may have a person in your life with whom you just cannot see eye to eye. This could be due to personality difference, or difference in beliefs or likes. Whatever the reason, you feel upset whenever you interact with this person. You may experience sudden anger or frustration and may be seething inside. When this happens, start practicing slow breathing, and stop focusing on the conversation or situation. You know anything you do or say doesn’t seem to have any effect, so try to suspend all your hurt. Tackling difficult people like a pro means you have to remove yourself from within, and take time to regain your composure. 

Choose your battles

Dealing with difficult people is easy when you know how to. It’s not necessary that a person confronts you or criticizes you to make you uneasy. You can be stressed just because he/she is anxious, frustrated or stressed. You can share in their frustration in a bid to support them, but choose when to do that. The truth is, you can’t fight their battles for them all the time! You have to choose your battles, whether it’s for yourself or for someone else.

Seek out people who share your interests

Seek out people who share your interests

It difficult to set boundaries, but you have to do that to preserve your sanity. If it is someone at work bothering you, or someone in your family, don’t seek them out. Instead, look for people who share your ideals, ideas, recreation, etc, and those who value you as a person.

Dealing with difficult people will be easier if you have people who support you emotionally. If you don’t have any supporters, start caring for yourself and refuse to spend your time and energy on difficult people. Stop trying to convince them, and use your energy for your benefit.

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