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Life has become so complicated for us humans that we have less time to sit and think about ourselves .  We are so engrossed about our careers, future, ego ans so on that we have less time to spend time with others and open our heart to others. We forget that we are involved in different relations – maybe as a parent, or a spouse, or someone’s children. We have certain responsibilities towards those relations. Yes, we do our responsibilities; but in a materialistic way. Just keeping them happy or fulfilling their needs. But do we hear their hearts out? Or do we speak out our heart to them? No !  That’s the tragedy of real life. Spend more time with each other should be the motto. Let the others have faith in you and ventilate their feelings. This helps to channelize the goodness , by flushing the negativity out of their system.


Speak out your problems

There goes a famous inspirational quote by the Mr. Deepak Chopra “ the less you open your heart to others the more your heart suffers”. This quote should really be taken seriously by us in today’s world.  We see so many catastrophic happening around us. Kids are resorting to guns to ventilate their anger on their mates. The policeman is killing their senior colleagues because they cannot accept humiliation from them. Men are suffering more heart attacks as they cannot take peer pressures. Adolescent kids are resorting to drugs to run away from problems.

If kids do speak their problems with their respective teachers or parents, then at least as guardians we can find out what they are suffering at. As a parent we also have a duty to find out more about their problems. We should innovate ways to let them ventilate their heart out to us. The more they do , the less they suffer from suppression and insecurity of isolation. Since more kids are now living with single parents, so proper counselling should be given to them from  the educational institutions or professional support should also be given.

Communicate with each other

More and more marriages are breaking up as we face with a lack of communication. All this is happening as everybody is busy with his or her career . They find less time to speak up to each other and gradually drifting apart from each other; eventually landing up in a divorce. Couples should accept the fact that beside all things holding upto each other is most important. The emotional bond will not only strengthen the marriage but also it facilitates a better personality development .  If you are happy in your marriage then you will find that you are performing better in your office or Homefront equally. It is always advisable to understand each other better and speak up openly to clear all misunderstanding as well as making yourself transparent to your better half.

Healthy Employees

Mix freely with others

Most men suffer from heart attacks just because they try to keep all the burden into them; not sharing anything with friends, wife or colleagues. It is always better to have more good friends whom you can trust upon. The more you speak the more lighter you become.  It is very good for single men have good female companions with whom they can share their problems. Once they do and become close ; men usually start liking the female and if agreed they end up in consensual  sex. This often leads to men build up hormones in their brains which actually have lessen their cholesterol  problems. These in turn lead a man to have a very healthy life.

Get rid of anger

Anger is often seen as a major cause of ruining a relationship, or a career, or a life. So to control anger the first thing is advised by counselors to speak up. The more you speak up the more you ventilate the reasons of your anger. You yourself can feel a little lighter and better when you drain your brain to others. Your suffering becomes less. You tend to be happy. The inmates of jail are therefore made to undergo proper counselling so that they become more docile or have a better developed personality when finally released.

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