Pureed diet

Have you heard about Pureed Diet?

Pureed Diet helps in weight loss. However, the main purpose of this diet is not to reduce weight. Providing enough nutrition to body for the individuals who find it difficult in swallowing solid foods is the main reason behind introduction of this amazing diet. You can choose pureed foods from 5 good categories.

The diet is enjoyable as you get to pick your favorite foods from 5 different categories. Here is an example case to attain 2000 calories per day.

  • 6 to 8 ounces from Grain category
  • 2 to 3 cups from Vegetable category
  • 2 cups from Fruit category
  • 3 cups from Dairy category
  • 5 to 6 ounces from Protein Foods category

Sources of Pureed Foods

You can buy pureed foods from the nearest grocery store. Small jars of baby food contain 1 half cup of food. Large containers cost less usually. You can also puree most of the foods that you prepare at home. To make puree foods at home, you need to have sieve or strainer and food processor or grinder.

Important Steps to Prepare Pureed Foods

  • Remove seeds, bones, skins, membranes and other unwanted parts of food items.
  • Cut the food items into small pieces.
  • Cook the food until it becomes tender. Canned fruits, meats, fish, vegetables and other readily available items do not need further cooking.

Add little amount of liquid food to make the meal thin and drinkable. For instance: Add warm milk to thin the cheese and macaroni, eggs or potatoes. Melt sherbet, ice cream, gelatin, milk or fruit juice to thin the meals. You can add milk to pudding or yogurt. You may use fruit juice to thin the fruit meals.

Benefits of Pureed Diet

  • Inexpensive to maintain.
  • Trouble-free to prepare meals.
  • Following the diet is easy.


You can opt for number of foods that are readily available in the market for breakfast. Pudding, hot cereal, instant mashed potatoes and applesauce are some of the most popular pureed breakfast options.

You may have a bowl of rice along applesauce in breakfast. Hot cereal and milk provides additional protein and calories to the human body. Pancakes along milk or syrup are a good option for morning meal. You also have the option to eat lemon or vanilla yogurt along a bowl of wheat cream.


Milk, juice, gravy, broth and cream are good options for lunch. Add butter or gravy in the pureed meals to enhance calories. You can add seasonings to infant food. Puree green beans and chicken while using broth rather than readymade pureed foods. You may serve it with mashed potatoes. Pureed cauliflower along pureed cheese and macaroni can be considered for lunch.


Use marinara sauce to blend cooked meatballs and spaghetti with addition of parmesan cheese for a delicious dinner meal. Puree meatloaf with beef broth or gravy along pureed carrots and mashed potatoes. You may add cream to increase the calorie intake.

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