Kratom – An alternative medicine for pain and inflammation

When you read the leaflet that comes with the medicine prescribed by your doctor, it can really freak you out with information on inflammation. Many of the ingredients of these medicines were invented by scientists in a laboratory and have no real connection to the natural world.

There are things like morphine with beneficial effects that are found in wild poppies, but even these can get you addicted. If you had a choice, would you go natural or take something invented by a mad scientist?

Kratom – A natural anti-inflammatory, alternative medicine

The leaf of the kratom tree (Mitragyna speciosa)A herb called Mitrogyna speciosa (English name – Kratom) that has been used for hundreds of years in South East Asia for pain relief and its anti-inflammatory properties is now available in Europe and the United States, because it is a proven natural medicine.

A lot of pain occurs when the body’s tissues swell up around the injury to protect it. Where your back has been hurt, the tissues swell up, which adds to the pain of the injury. Anti-inflammatories are used to reduce the inflammation of the tissues and thereby, tackle much of the reason you feel that pain. There are a lot of medicines of this kind that you can buy from your pharmacy, such as ibuprofen. Ibuprofen can wreck your kidneys from over-use, and while widely available is actually very dangerous if you take a dose beyond your doctor’s prescription.

Kratom, however, doesn’t pose such issues to your body. It is so effective that a European company is getting it approved as a skin cream for just this reason. Unlike ibuprofen, Kratom has a safety regulator against you taking too much: you will end up vomiting and feeling uncomfortable, and this prevents overdose.

Painkilling effects

Where some over the counter Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDS) just tackle the inflammation, Kratom also tackles pain in much the same way as morphine. It effectively tells the body through its nervous system that it is not experiencing the pain by latching onto the nerves’ synapses and telling them to stop sending pain signals. This can mean that it is almost as effective as painkillers that are known to cause addiction – but you can’t become addicted to it.

Types of Kratom available

Kratom is available in three types that you can use according to your needs. One variety (White) gives you a lift in much the same way as your morning coffee would. Another (the Red) can slow you down like a couple of glasses of wine. A final variety – the Green – sits in between, meaning that you can function with a good dose of pain relief.

If it is this good, why is it legal?!

They do say that governments crack down on herbal remedies that are too good! Currently you can buy Kratom in the US perfectly legally and without risk to your job should you be drugs tested. It is also available in much of Europe. 

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