CoolSculpting: The cool way to freeze fat

I love the feeling of going for a run in the morning. Waking up, creeping out of bed so as not to wake my snoring husband beside me, and then striding out the front door to do a lap of the park as the sun rises. There’s something truly incredible about getting out there with nature and doing some exercise at the same time, it really invigorates me for the day ahead. I have to say though, and to share something with you, there’s been something that was plaguing me for a while about my runs, and that was the feeling of my excess fat jiggling around as I ran. I know, I know, it sounds shallow and vain, but ever since I had three kids, my body just hasn’t been the same. I have tried everything to get rid of it and turned to diets, exercise and pretty much everything else possible to get rid of it, and then I spoke to a girlfriend of mine (who always looks amazing) about it who recommended that I see her nutritionist.

Young woman pinches the fat on the side of her waist to show the flab.

I popped in to see the nutritionist one afternoon after work and she went through my diet, my exercise, my sleep, and she came to the conclusion that some of the fat on my body was going to be there to stay – unless I turned to more thorough measures to get rid of it. Now I have always been anti-surgery, proclaiming loud and clear to all and sundry that I would rather grow old (dis)gracefully, but I was experiencing some real issues with how my body felt as I ran around the track every morning! Not to mention the fact that I had really been vigilant with my diet and exercise and no matter what I did, the weight just wouldn’t shift.

I went back to the friend of mine (the one who always looks fabulous) and after a couple of glasses of wine, I asked her what her secret was. I expected her to say surgery, after all, even though she’s a very healthy woman, we’re both over forty and both struggle with the creep of weight that comes after a certain age. She told me that she had had some work done, but I was surprised when she said it was a non-invasive kind of procedure. That certainly had my ears pricked up, because she said that although it was a non-invasive kind of procedure, it still worked to get rid of the stupidly stubborn muffin-top style arrangement I had going on.

beautiful body

She showed me some pics of what she looked like before and after and I have to say, I was pretty blown away. I am a real skeptic when it comes to things like ‘non-invasive’ procedures, you know the ones where you get a body wrap in some seaweedy, foul smelling concoction, and lie there for an hour, stinking, after which point some smiling twit in a nurses costume tells you that you’ve lost four inches? No thanks.

She told me that what she’d done was this thing called Mini Coolsculpting, and I had heard of it before (I think I’d seen an ad on a tram or something) but it was non-invasive, as she said, and used cold to freeze fat in stubborn areas, after which time it naturally moved out of the body. Well, I figured why not? And gave it a go. I saw some great results! It was actually a bit of a shock how well it worked and I’d happily recommend it to my friends!

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