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Tips to set up a water-fountain in your living room

189 Tips to set up a water-fountain in your living room Fountain are becoming increasingly popular for both indoor and outdoor use. Fountains add an element of interest and are aesthetically very pleasing and alway serve a a perfect backdrop for relaxation and good times. These are some tips to be kept in mind when you want to get one for your living room. master-KF150

  • The right spot – Fountains are best suited to living rooms more than any other room. Never keep the fountain facing the door or under a stairway. Try placing it to the north side of the room for  better effect. Always find a place which does justice to the beauty of the fountain. Also do not create clutter by adding additional accessories and let your fountain steal the limelight.
  • The right size – Choose a fountain large enough to hold enough water for a day or two so that it can work without refilling. Most fountains use up a lot of water and need refilling more than two times a day. Avoid this by placing the filter in a large and deep ceramic bowl and placing some stones in them.
  • The right kind of water – Water fountains can be a thing of beauty and joy however it does require maintenance at some level. Distilled or bottled water are the best choices for the water in an indoor fountain since they are free from materials in ordinary tap water like minerals and bacteria which corrode the fountain and destroy it. Always keep the water of the fountain clean, clear and avoid nasty smells which come out of unclean water.
  • Kinds of water fountains – If you opt for a tabletop fountain , then be sure to place the fountain on a sturdy surface so that it can withstand the weight. Avoid and minimize splashing by placing it on an even surface and maintaining the level of water of the fountain. Regular cleaning of wall-mounted fountains is essential and achieve it by dimantling the fountain from the wall and then cleaning it. Merely wiping with a wet cloth is not going to do it for fountains.


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